The Fight between Worlds

Ylith Pandemonium

16-07-2005 15:12:36

hello all,

I've got some more story's posted here.
I hope you like them, I wrote them when I was 12 years old
so please don't mind any grammar flaws and typo's. English is my second language

For those who wonder how old I am now I am now 17 years old, so the story's
are all almost 6 years old ;)

well I still hope you'll enjoy them and please write a reply with your comment,
(helping and friendly ofcourse ;))

here they are:

all five of them, they are sequals so you ahve to read them for top to bottom.

have fun!

Ylith Pandemonium , House Gladius of Clan tarentum
Proud member of the DJB