The Order of the Chiros


11-07-2005 18:53:19


Note: It has been acknowledged that some parts of this have been used in an exam, most is my history and extra additions though.

This is sort of my history extended to my death, im going to write more later; develop the paraphrased beginning...

Suggestions.. critique...


12-07-2005 06:02:16

How many of these are you planning on doing?


12-07-2005 18:41:13

oh just one, though i am going to keep adding, i daresay it will end up like a small book


12-07-2005 20:40:25

very nice, i daresay i would like to see more of this...


13-07-2005 07:33:59

Always a one for writing books you are


13-07-2005 09:30:49

There are parts which really need rewriten, and a lot added too a lot of the time there are too many ideas in one paragraph...