Death Camp 9


04-07-2005 10:14:49

Section 1 of this story got me a C grade in school. The other section i'm not to sure about.


01-09-2005 12:05:41

I wanna know what happened to Jimmy O'Brien. Wasn't there a paedo in this story? Or did I just imagine that? Which is highly possible.


01-09-2005 17:54:40

ah the Jimmy O'Brien conversations in English. He was locked in the transport truck by accident at the beginning so never featured. He will however feature in the soon to be movie hit Jimmy O'Brien: Return of the Paedo. :P


01-09-2005 18:31:03

Excellent! This news pleases me very much! :D


04-09-2005 10:48:37

The story is well written in my opinion, you should have at least scraped up a B+ or A- in my opinion.


04-09-2005 13:08:10

Yeah I think he deserved better too, but our english teacher is STRICT, there's a storry I submitted on here that got me two A's, mmm that's some good [Expletive Deleted]! Of course, it was under my old name of Ifrit.


04-09-2005 14:19:16

I liked the story and the general idea, however, I thought you could have chose better words and constructed sentences better.

But overall, Two thumbs up, you desrved a B at least

At least it's better than what Burgess can write.