History: Rydack


22-06-2005 23:28:15

My character history, written as part of my first Trial. Hope you like it.

Macron Sadow

23-06-2005 01:48:48

Nice, especially the way you broke it up into titled sections.


24-06-2005 15:08:36

that was very good, good luck with your trials


24-06-2005 20:57:05

As I said before when I first read it. Very good job. I am impressed with your work.


Drodik alTor

24-06-2005 22:10:13

Very good job Rydack. I'm sure HEK is proud of you congratulations and good luck with your next trials

Macron Sadow

24-06-2005 23:08:00

Yes, good luck to you. You have the Dark Side in you.


25-06-2005 11:52:50

Thanks everybody (and I <3 you too Esca)


26-06-2005 00:03:14

Wow. You are very skilled with a keyboard. :P

Great writing.