Ronin No More

Muz Ashen

07-06-2005 23:02:25

Ronin No More

For both of you who follow the Keibatsu storyline, you'll know that the Brothers are the last of a proud Samurai family, and although they were loathe to talk of it, they were considered 'Ronin', masterless.

All this changed when Herald Kaine Mandaala made an offer to Make Muz his Royal Guard, which, in effect brought their personal status (at least in their own old traditional senses) back to the peak.

Not a lot of action, but a lot of political stuff for the people who were around at the time. Kinda neat, I think.

Thoughts, comments, and opinions welcomed, as always.

Nekura Manji

09-06-2005 10:18:04

Sweeeet. Although I should be in it more. ^_^ Only kidding.

As always your writing kicks arse... better than mine really, although I hate to say it. :P


09-06-2005 10:33:07

Damn fine read ya made there Muz. This Keibatsu storyline is rather entertaining keep up the great work!

Kaine Mandaala

09-06-2005 12:56:51

You forgot the ending:

"Then they all had ice cream."


Just kidding - I like it even more than the last time I read it, and back then I thought it was great! :)