Anteian Nocturne


26-06-2007 01:11:11

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Anteian Nocturne

setting: Antei System, The Dark Jedi Brotherhood's Restored Temple, near Anteian Midnight


Vodo Biask stepped off the shuttle with his datapad in hand, seeking the portion that stated his orders for the day. With a quick glance down the text only statement, he found the directions, and organized them numerically in his mind. First, he needed to find the Office of the Herald. He had several packages from his Battleteam that needed personal attention from the Herald or his Staff. Second, he would be off to rendezvous with Zandoran, a young Tyro of Phoenix Phyle, so that they could tour the massive Temple together.

Vodo then hoped to find some time to spend in the Dark hall's vast Library, a favorite hiding place of his, ever since he had first been brought to the Brotherhood a few years prior. The Shuttle bay, far under the polished obsidian rock that adorned the Temple Walls, was well populated by those who were arriving or leaving for other planets of the Brotherhood, or one of the Clans'.

Whispering to his left caught his attention. Two equites of rank he could not discern were whispering wilding, looking rather invested in their conversation. The whispering was low enough that he could not pick up their conversation, even through the force, but could tell that the Ryn in the Blue Obelisk robes was slightly put off by the conversation while the Human, dressed as a Sith, was eager.

Vodo continued to walk, and checked into the terminal that handled the incoming traffic, and was a assigned a visitors pass with a reflective icon identifying him as being on official Taldryan Business. The notion humored the Twi'lek Dark Jedi Knight, remembering days in which a Dark Jedi could roam the halls at will, searching the nooks and crannies at whim.

As he entered the great entrance hall, the size set him in awe, although this was far from the first time he had seen the hallway. It's grandeur, decadence, and pure scale was amazing, even without taking in the multitude of statues of great Lords or the polished Electrum adorning the stone walls.

Makurth Mandalore

27-06-2007 08:17:22

Makurth fingered his own pass, which cleared him to go to the fighting halls, and glared at a particular statue that he found slightly offending. It probably didn't help matters that it was a bust of a recently made enemy.

Refraining from the urge to spit on the image, the red haired Sith heard someone walk into the massive entrance hall and turned around, hand on his saber.

Normally, the Mandalorian would have been wearing his helmet, but he had removed it and had it resting in the crook of his arm. Ever since his helmet/suit cooling systems had gotten fried in his last match, he had found it to be more comfortable to leave the heavy helmet off.


29-07-2007 01:32:56

Mondor walked up to the Arena's main doors and took a big gulp. He had never been in a place this big before. Was he ready? He sure thought so.
After entering the Arena, something started to speak inside him. Something echoed, "Let the darkness out!" It was his tormented soul trying to control him again. This happened before but this time, it was stronger. Mondor began to sweat and his stomach began to hurt. He knew it couldn't be the food he just ate. It takes longer than thirty minutes to digest something. That inner demon was trying to come out.
Mondor fell to the side and rested against a pillar, but the pain was getting worse. The soul spoke again, but this time it was louder. "Release me Mondor and I will make all your pain go away. Give in to me!" Mondor was now attracting a crowd. People were starting to look at him. He let out a scream and then saw a dark shadow escape his mouth. His corrupt soul was finally free and was standing before him. It looked like him, but the soul was wearing a dark red robe and he had a scar above his right eye that stretched from that eye to the left side of his mouth. Usually Mondor was never afraid of anything, but this enemy was an all new form of danger. His soul didn't say anything, but instead it just punched him in his stomach and laughed the most horrific laugh possible. Then the soul said, "Mondor, welcome to the end of your life. Now that I am out of your worthless body, I can use all the power I wanted to use. I am your other side. I am your darker side. Welcome to the real shadows." The soul then dissappeared and left Mondor embarrased sitting on the ground with everyone watching and whispering. What just happened?