Rules - Read First!

Kaine Mandaala

25-06-2007 14:37:46

Rules for the Roleplay Forums are as follows:

1 - Write about your own character.
2 - Keep your posts shorter than two full screens. Remember, not everyone loves your character as much as you do.
3 - Follow common sense in regards to powers. No one is truly über.
4 - NO POINTLESS DRAMA. Juvenile soap operas are not wanted.

Have fun. If you have questions, feel free to ask in this thread.

Who can post in the RP forums?
Anyone. You are not restricted based on your status in the DJB - unless you've been banned form the forums, in which you can't read this anyway.

What are the RP Forums for?
Roleplaying. Plain and simple. Think of it as the ACC without the fighting.

Can I make new topics?
Yes, as long as the title of the topic indicates a location. Try not to duplicate areas.

More to be added as they come up...


25-06-2007 15:48:05

Wouldn't you have to control some people's characters, to some degree? Some people will be in the same place at the same time, possibly even communicating...unless it'd be Member X posts 1 line of tests, then Member Y posts one or two lines of text...?

Kaine Mandaala

25-06-2007 16:10:43

You can control someone else within reason - just don't make it too involved. Unlike a run-on, interaction is more important than moving the story along.

So - yes - you can write about other people, take 'control' of them for some things, but don't go too far.


26-06-2007 00:50:07

A Roleplay is a story written by several people all taking turns. Unlike a Run-On in which everyone has an equal investment in the plot line, characters, and story, a roleplay is a game of give and take. In a Run-On and in the Antei Combat Center where one writer will generate a portion of the scene by themselves, a roleplayer will write the scene from their character's Point of View. Becuase the writer does not own the other player's character nor the NPCs that they have introduced into the stories, you may not write or control those characters or NPCs without prior permission from their proper owners.

This means that a lot of times, in order to advance a story or a scene, you will need to set up things so that another writer will have to respond in the way that you would like them to, although they are always free to find their own path as usual. What many roleplayers will do in order to write a prolonged post, but avoid breaking the rule of Character Control (i.e. Power Playing), they will almost ignore the other characters or people taking part so that it flows smoothly and evenly. Others will follow suit, and you find it will all work out accordingly.

Also, unlike the ACC and the Run-Ons the Dark Brotherhood is so comfortable with, a Roleplay has a lot to do with the ability of a Roleplayer to give and take. You can take and take all you want for a story, to glorify your character, but at some point, you must always give back, so that another can take. This maintains the flow and stability of the plot, and keeps the story moving forward.

Roleplaying has a lot to do with your ability to read carefully, and figure out what is needed for the story to advance smoothly, and not just destroy the thread with self promotion.


26-06-2007 21:25:12

Can I create a topic that takes place in another time period?

Kaine Mandaala

27-06-2007 09:20:51

I can't really STOP you from doing that, but the point is to RP your DJB character. You should focus on the "now".


30-06-2007 02:00:52

Yeah, but as a club, we're about fifteen novels behind the rest of the Expanded Universe, and I like keeping things fresh. :P