House Wide Caption Comp

Andan Taldrya Marshall

10-12-2007 16:00:50

We haven't had a quick and easy comp in a little while, so here's a caption comp. Standard rules apply: you can post one caption per pic and the funniest 3 captions for each pic will win. There's 3 pics so that means there's 9 medals up for grabs here. Have fun and remember to make me laugh!

Gobhainn Sgath

10-12-2007 21:10:53

1. Sniper Kitten

"Litterbox - This is furball 1. I have the target in sight. One Milk Truck about to lose a tire. Confirm - Is the Assault Pride ready?"

2. Wide Eyed Dog

"Really - Swiper said that he'd do what to me! WOW!!!"

3. Beached Plane

"You know, this is nice, but its no uncharted deserted tropical isle."


10-12-2007 21:29:43


Ever thought why Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was such a hit? Well, now we know...


Great, now the Mad Cow Disease has went to dogs! See, Stephen King tried to warn us with Cujo, but no! Everyone thought it was RABIES!!!!

Beach Plane:

"Look, ma! Its a Japenese plane from Pearl Harbor! I shall call it... Beach PLane!" (Beach is supposed to sound relatively like B****)


11-12-2007 20:46:58

"Gob-bye Mr. John F. kennedy, Mufhahaha!" Said in a very high voice.

*tong shoots out at a fly and then goes back into dog's mouth* "Riiiiibit"

"I told you to take a right turn a couple hundred miles back." Says a feminine voice. "Look! I told you then and i will tell you now! I DONT WANT ANY OF YOUR BACK-SEAT FLYING!" Says a male voice.


13-12-2007 20:11:36

Kitty pic:

"thats it...the food bowl is full...the bait has been laid...thats it...just a little closer to the bowl...BANG! Chase me around the park will you mut. Ha I think not.


OOOOo Daar your hands are cold.


I knew it was a right turn at Albuquerque.

Kara Zor-El

13-12-2007 20:28:35

#1) mmmm....juicy rat at 5 o'clock

#2) a new breed...the spotted jedi, complete with tongue whip.

#3) i knew my boyfriend was supposed to pick me up but...i never knew he owned an amphibious craft.


15-12-2007 00:44:49

For fun: :P

1. "You're dead Crix, DEAD!" yelled the hottest new Bounty Hunter Puss with Blue Novae.

2. "Grand mama, what a long tongue you have..." whispered Big Blue Piloting Obbie. (little red riding hood parody?)

"All the better to lick your ... with, love..." answered her grand mama. (the dog)

3. "KABOOOOM!!!" plane crashes right in front of Ludy.

"Oooh! I always wanted one of those! Thanks Sithy Claws!" shouted Ludy.

4. This picture has always been mistaken for Crix's forum sig. (pic of red guy with gun :P)

hehe, sorry, just had to :P


16-12-2007 17:47:49

Just thought of another one for that PLane on the Beach...

"Boooom!" shouted Rannik.

*Splash* Plane hits the beach.

"Cool! It finally worked! My life goal is accomplished. Now time for Crix, Chaos, Jac, Duga, Ben, Amiz, Daar, Sarin, Halc, Gob, Anubis... And I cant remember the rest of the list... Dnagit!"