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06-09-2007 07:12:25

Alright this is how it works, i have given three link to three pictures below. You are to post with captions to all three, the person with the funniest captions wins.

sionest thanosses

06-09-2007 16:32:29

1. Yodas Father
2.Darth Vaders assult on the jedi temple.
3.Darth Vaders Transformation done the right way


06-09-2007 20:03:34

1. Mom is gonna be pissed about the hole in the carpet.
2. Youngly Revolt!!!
3. You do not know the power of the Dark Bone.


09-09-2007 10:47:08

For fun,

1. Um, how do you turn this thing off again??!!

2. Oooh, colourful! Beat him up, beat him up!!!!

3. I find your lack of bones disturbing.

hehe :P


09-09-2007 15:51:41

1. Ace when he was younger: "I wonder what would happen if I were to lick this big pop-sickle..."

2. Crix being molested by Jedi younglings... >.>

3. Vader's darkling pet in training...


15-09-2007 12:31:40

Thank you all for participating

1) Amiz

2) Rannik

3) Ludy

4) Thanos