Mining For Trouble

Ricco Vao

30-06-2007 13:33:13

The Headquarters of House Archanis are situated on a planet called Volcanus. Over the years the planet has been mined and excavated ‘till it has almost run dry. When Taldryan were awarded the new system the Archanis summit jumped at the idea of finding a sister planet for resources. They decided on a scouting mission into the system to scan planets for possible mining and other resources.

The leader of this mission would be the newly appointed Aedile Ricco Vao. He knew all of the members and appreciated the chance to prove himself to Crix. He packed up his things: food and drink supplies, weapons, scanning equipment etc. he was always prepared for unseen circumstances. The ship they were using was a brand new Star Yacht called the Haushinka with brand new technology and equipment.

He and his team of Archanis members assembled in hanger bay 3 and he gave a quick pep talk to them about how the mission should go. They filed onto the ship and took up stations. Daar sat next to Ricco in the cockpit, his second in command for this mission, as the young Battleteam Leader was experienced in flight. The others went to their separate quarters and unpacked their gear.

Ricco punched in the co-ordinates and they left Volcanus in the safe hands of Crix and a few others. The new system was an exciting prospect and they would be some of the first people to reach the secret destination. After they were on track some of the crew hunched round a table in the centre compartment of the yacht to play Pazak. Ricco sat alone, calm as the earth before a storm, sipping some of his finest liqueur he bought on his travels and let out a sight. He thought this was going to be a good mission, not easy, but without peril.

They cam out of Hyperspace with no problems and coasted along like a soaring bird caught in the wind. Ricco let the young Knight pilot the ship towards the nearest planet where they would start the scanning and possibly set up base camp. When all of a sudden three ships de-cloaked from no where and a blaster bolt shook the ship violently. Cries of “Shields up” and “Man the turrets” were heard in the panicked scurry and Ricco took over the helm…

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Gobhainn Sgath

01-07-2007 14:29:49

Gohainn Sgath was jolted from his light meditation trance as the yacht was rocked by the impact of energy bolt. Rising to his feet, he raced through the doorway of his quarters and bolted for the nearest turret.

He could hear cries of “Shields up” and “Man the turrets” echoing in the corridors.

Frustration welled up within him

“Shields up; Man the turrets. Why did these idiots not already have these things done? I’ve told them time and again to consider any unknown territory as being hostile and to enter it ready for violence” the Dark Jedi Knight fumed to himself.

Stopping in his course, Sgath realized that he would be of more use in the cockpit of this pleasure boat trying to organize its defense than manning one of its under powered cannons.

Turning on his heels, he ran at top speed to the door of the cockpit only to find that it had auto-locked upon the commencement of the attack. This was an annoying feature of these civilian craft; supposedly it was to protect the command crew from both panicking passengers and/or hostile boarders, but in reality it just interfered with operations.

Reaching out with his mind, Sgath crushed the magnalock circuitry with the Force and the wrenched the door open using the same power.

Rushing through the door, the Dark Jedi Knight glared at the Aedile, whom he saw was taking the Helm away from the Sith Jedi Hunter Daar Kareth.

“With all due respect to your Eminence, Lord Vao, and your command of this mission, let those who are pilots by nature do the flying” Sgath hissed as he himself went to the tactical station.

“Kareth, begin delta-1 evasive pattern, while I see what we’re up against.”

Looking down into the tactical display, Gobhainn saw that the three unidentified ships were recovering from their initial assault pass and were forming up for a Trident Pincer maneuver to the rear of Haushinka.

“Redirecting three quarter power to the aft shields.” Sgath declared

“Why not full power aft?” the Krath Priest demanded.

“Because there might be another ship out there waiting for us to drop our forward shields before it starts its attack, Sir” the irritated Knight replied.

“Gunners, concentrate your fire on any flanking vessels” Sgath next shouted into the Intercom.

“Daar, if they’re trying to board us, they may try to drop a concussion missile into our engines to disable us, if you hear the alarm, go full throttle and put our exhaust between us and the missile; we can’t outrun or outmaneuver a missile in this tub, but we might be able to burn it before impact.” Gobhainn explained to the less experienced pilot.

Looking up, Gobhainn saw that the Aedile was still standing by the helm next to Daar Kareth.

“Your Eminence” He said with exaggerated politeness, “may I suggest that you take a seat in the Command Chair; things could get a little rough from this point.”


02-07-2007 19:20:18

"Guess I'm Just in time" Fire-Knight sent a burst transmission to the yacht as he pulled out of cloak and released torpedos at the nearest enemy ship. Pulling Ice around and bringing her up under the next ship, Fire-Knight raked the bottom with a short burst of fire.

Checking his tactical display FK saw that his initial torpedo attack had managed to disable one of the ships engines, however the blaster fire seemed to have only slightly damaged the second ship.

"That leaves two, you take the damaged one, i'll get the other guy. This isn't a time for fancy moves so just take'em out fast." Fire-Knight said in a tranmission to the yacht

"With all do respect sir, I'm a more experienced pilot I can handle the fully active ship."

"This isn't a debate, do as I said and do it now." Severing the connection Fire-Knight focused back on the battle. The undamaged ship had finally seen what had caused all the damage and was now focusing its weapons on Ice. Several blasts found their mark and managed to damage the hull.

Swinging Ice around, FK locked on to the ship and released a torpedo, and the same instant the Templar pushed the ship to it's maximum speed and released a second torp with a faster velocity. The enemy pilot quickly began manuvering in order to avoid the rocket, veering quickly to the right the second rocket just missed him, but as he came back on course the first struck him in the main engine slowing his ship to a halt. Moments later the first torpedo had turned around and struck the ship directly in the cockpit, killing and survivors of the first hit.

Going back to the tactical display FK noticed the reamining ship was running circles around the yacht, and that the members handling the turrets were having a hard time keeping up.

"Hang on I'm on my way back around."

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09-07-2007 13:26:36

Ricco! Take my position, I’m taking that frelking turret! Daar snarled as he ran out of the cockpit of the Yatch at full speed. Darting down the narrow hallway he passed two young journeymen without a single acknowledgement of their existence, Daar continued to the aft turret.

Commander Kareth, Commander Kareth! Itachi Uchiha called out with distress. Get in the hold and secure yourself there, now! Daar bellowed as he lightly pushed the Acolyte away from the Turret controls, as he placed his right index finger on the trigger a blaster burst hit the aft plating overtop the air reclamation systems sending steam flowing into the corridor outside the main hold.

With a string of curse words the Sith Commander began to track the circling movements of the enemy vessel, he’s coming in Daar said softly to himself as he watched the incoming vessel’s distance decrease.

A string of blaster bolts rip from the barrel of the turret, tearing through the cockpit window instantly killing the pilot and co-pilot.
A familiar voice came through Daar’s personal communicator, nice hit Daar. Thanks FK, glad to have you here. It’s been… before he could finish his sentence screams erupted from the cargo hold.

Rushing to the door’s control switch Daar wasted no time, throwing his best right jab at the control switch the door opened immediately releasing hot steam into the corridor.
Slowly a person approached the opened door, the steam began to dissipate quickly, leaving Itachi standing before his commander holding his arm. Without hesitation Daar grabbed the young mans arm and inspected it, discovering a second degree burn Daar quickly ordered the man to the nearest medkit.

Commander, I’ll take him said a voice from behind him. Very well Arioch, Daar said to the Apprentice as he turned about and began to make his way to the cockpit.

Gobhainn Sgath

09-07-2007 14:31:10

"Daar!!!!" Gobhainn shouted at the retreating back of the Jedi Hunter.

"Ok, Aedile, I guess you've got the helm after all. I hope you remember your SET classes from the Academy." the Knight directed to the Krath Priest.

"But after this is over, we're all going to sit down and have a nice little house wide chat about combat discipline aboard ship" he added with blatant sarcasm,"as well as combat readiness in unknown territories."

"And you and I will talk about respecting the Chain of Command", Ricco replied as he jumped into the Helm chair and grabbed the throttle and control sticks.

"Just take us down to the Ionosphere of this hunk of rock" Sgath replied.

Activating the comlink, Gobhainn connected with Fire Knight, " Thanks for the assist; I told them we should have an escort and I didn't mean the courtesan type."

"Now If you'll keep them off our tail, I think our turrets can handle any flankers; I'm activating ECM, so don't get too close. and watch loosing any more prelock torpedoes. Ricco's going to take us down to skipstone the ionosphere. That will screw up their tracking capabilities and those smaller ships will either have to back off or go atmospheric; they won't be able to handle the turbulence of skipstoning." he informed the fighter pilot.

"You know, you really need to work on your diplomacy skills, Gob" Fire-Knight commed back. " That sounded more like a rant more than a 'thanks"

"Sorry, but this whole situation has my teeth on edge and you know how I get when that happends ----Now Back Off and keep that last one off our tail until you see us start to bounce." Sgath replied

Into the ship's intercom, Sgath roared "Hold on, boys and girls, you're in for some jolts" as he watched Ricco slide the yacht into the yacht into the photomagnetic aurora of the planet's upper atmosphere.

As streamers of light washed over the ship's forward view, Sgath equalized the shields and activated the Electronic counter measures. Just then he was rocked back into his chair as the ship bounced off the denser atmosphere and continued to accelerate.

"See, I do know what I'm doing" the Priest shouted over his sholder at the Knight.

"Yeah, Yeah" Sgath grumbled.

Kara Zor-El

09-07-2007 14:44:40

Kara was getting settled into her quarters when she saw the console lights flashing like they were about to go off like rockets on the
fourth of July. She put her suitcase down on the bed and grumbled a few words to herself about what kind of people would be demanding her attention as soon as she stepped foot into her quarters. Angrily she punched in the security code to bring her messages up.

As she read the most recent one, she swore in Zabraki. There was no time to lose, she had to get to her group, and double-quick. Setting the coordinates she watched the stars stream past her as she hit the throttle. She only hoped she would be able to join them in time to be of some help. She really wasn't sure what she could do but, then again, every little bit helps.

As her ship came within range, she dropped out of hyperspace, and sent a hailing message.


09-07-2007 18:27:35

Dark Ace walked to the cocpit in a relaxed way. When Ace got to the cocpit the door was locked and he had to slam into the door brwaking it to get in.

"Thanks for breaking my door Ace." Ricco said sarcasticly.

"No problem, I'll fix that later."

"What are you doing here!" Gob yelled.

"Ow, could you be any louder" Ace said.

"Yes, now why arent you at your station?"

"Cause I don't have one"

"You dont?" Gob asked.

"Nope" Ace replied.

"Ricco, what is the deal with this!"Gob frustrativly said.

"Relax, he's a crucial part in the team thats going to explore this world, so i didnt give him anything to do."

Just after he said that Daar ran into the cocpit.

"What...what happened to the two ships following us." Daar said out of breath.

"I forgot about them." Gob said worriedly.

"So did I." Ricco said also worriedly.

"Wow, and you are the people running this mission."

"I feel real safe." I said sarcasticly.

Ricco and Daar laughed but Gob just looked at me angrily. Just after that Gob checked the scanners.

"There gone." Gob said.

"Really, thats impossible." said Daar.

"They're cloaked." I said looking at the scanners myself.

"That must be it." Ricco said looking out at space.

Just then Fire Knight came in on a transmission.

"What Happend, the ships just dissapread."

"We don't know FK." Gob said still looking at the scanners.

"All right, lets keep an eye on the scanner and go in.

Then all of the sudden we recived a transmission from Kara.

Kara Zor-El

09-07-2007 22:08:12

The following message came from Kara's ship, Amethyst Star:

"Haushinka, this is Kara Zor-El. Do not fire. This is a friendly vessel. Please acknowledge."

As the message was coded, she would have to wait til they decoded it and replied. Hopefully, within that time, she wouldn't be vaporised.

Gobhainn Sgath

10-07-2007 18:53:15

As Gobhainn watched the scanners, another vessel dropped out of hyperspace. His lips started to curl into another growl when the IFF responder identified the Amethyst Star. A moment later the comm decoded and transmitted Kara's message audibly.

"Roger that, Amethyst Star," the Knight replied. "You've been identified and set as friendly in all targeting systems"

As he spoke the words, so Sgath did. Pushing a button and typing in a coded command, he set the computer to mark Kara Zor-El' ship as an ally and sent the command to the combat computer. Now even if some trigger happy cannoneer tried to target her or Fire-Knight, the computer would override the fire command.

With the aggressors out of sight but not necessarily gone, it was time to get this ship on the ground.

" Your Eminence, May I suggest you set us down on this rock of yours as fast as possible." Gobhainn directed at the Archanis Aedile. " If that was a patrol above, there might be troops on the ground as well and that could mean AA artillery."

"Fine, one ten G landing coming up" Ricco replied. " but use those scanners you're so happily manning to find me good site for such a landing as well as seeing if you can spot any such troops."

"Already on it" Sgath Responded. He adjusted the scanners for a surface scan.

"Ace , set up a squadron of troops and have them ready to establish a perimeter as soon as we land" Ricco commanded the younger officer.

Sgath sent a coded message out to Kara and Fire-Knight: "Close up on us; were going in hot and fast. Lets not provide multiple signatures for possible ground fire. If we do start to take fire, break off and take it out."


10-07-2007 20:43:28

As Ricco started the landing sequence Ace did as he was told and set up a squadron of troops, then he walked back to the cockpit.

"See anything on the scanners Gob?" Ace asked.

"Just a good landing spot,” Gob replied,” so far."

"Good" Ricco said.

We all just stood there for what seemed like hours waiting. Gob looked at the scanners yet again.

"Strange there’s a lot of energy coming from that valley." Gob said slowly, letting it sink in.

"Kara the Amethyst Star has better scanners, check this valley out."

"Ok sir, there are several structures and lots of people, must be some kind of base." Kara said in a transmission.

"Crap. " Daar, Ricco, and God said at the same time.

" All right, Kara, Gob, Daar, and myself are coming with you Ace," Ricco said both to the people in the cockpit and the two friendly ships around us,” Fire Knight you will cover us from the air."

We got our gear on just as the yacht and the Amethyst Star landed.

Kara Zor-El

10-07-2007 21:22:32

Kara disembarked from the Amethyst Star dressed in full battle uniform, her lightsaber and Iridonian dagger at the ready. She had other weapons on her shoulder harness, but didn't normally use those unless the situation called for it.

Using her hand-held scanner to search for any life-signs that might prove threatening, she scanned the perimeter.

"No threatening life signs so far, but I would still keep my eyes open. Whatever was out there, could very well have followed us down here. Especially if there was more than one of them" she told the group.

They nodded in agreement, and started to set up their base while others would do some scouting and report back with their findings. Pre-arranged signals were discussed before the scouting began, and transmission codes and channel settings were decided. Then, with their partners picked and orders understood, they were on their way.

"Here's hoping that we find the trouble BEFORE it finds us" Kara thought to herself.


10-07-2007 23:26:49

With everyone partnered up we set off, Ricco and Ace east, Abraxia Sydan and Kara to the North, Daar, Itachi to the west, and Sionest Thanosses, Gob to the south. The rest of the squadron was to guard the ship .We where all to meet up back at the ship in 3 hours.

Ricco and Ace headed north ready for anything. They walked for a couple of miles seeing if we could find anything. They soon realized that we were heading for the valley were the base was, they headed north till he picked up several structures in the middle of the lush green valley. They decided to head back, knowing that we would need everyone’ help to take that place down.

Everyone should put the story of their group before we go on., and if someone doesnt post the story of their group then you can(after a day or two).

Itachi Uchiha

11-07-2007 11:03:45

As Itachi and Darr headed west Itachi began to get that feeling someone was following him "Darr

you fell that its like" "Someone is following us" Darr quickly cut off Itachi. See as how they were on a flat plane with no place to hide they had to be clocked. "Here these are Inferaed Glasses give them a good punch then I will blast them with Shuriken." Itachi said But by the time he was done Darr had ran up there and punched one right in the face. Followed by swift kicks to the rest of them."Out of the way!" yelled Itachi as he sent wave after wave of Shuriken into their Enemy. After they all had fallen Itachi sent a message to the other groups."This is Itachi me and Darr just had a run in with clocked enemys put on infered glasses or goggles to see them over and out." "This is Ricco calling out to all patrols return to the ship at once!" "Let just hope we dont run into anymore trouble" Itachi thought to him self as they walked past the corpses of their enemy.

Kara Zor-El

12-07-2007 13:58:06

After having scouted around, Kara finally makes it back to the group, her partner having made it back quite awhile before her. She was disheveled, and battered with blood oozing from cuts on her arms and shoulders, as well as a big red welt on the right side of her face. Whatever had been out there in that sector she had scouted, was neither friendly nor human. She was exhausted as well as hungry, and didn't know what need to take care of first. Knowing she looked like death warmed over, she decided to put both things off and get cleaned up before she did anything else. All people accounted for, finally, the Aedile was now able to go ahead with whatever other plans he had.

Itachi Uchiha

12-07-2007 14:47:42

"Good to see most of you made it back unharmed" Itachi said to the others "Who do we not have here" Ricco said Everone looked around "Looks like we are missing Gob" Darr had said "Well I will tell him when he gets back We have found a base just North of our current location we are going to need everyones help to...." Ricco was cut of by the sound of Communicators going off "Thid is Gob to the Archanis Expedition I have found a vein of crystals strong in the dark side requesting that one of our Soldiers be sent to help us return the crystals to the ship Gob over and out" "I'll go seeing as how I am one of the lower ranks looks like he is atlest 50 clicks from he so I better get going" Itachi Volunteered As Itachi took of running useing the force to give him staimia and speed Itachi thought to himself, "I just hope Gob does not do anything reckless knowing him he just might" Itachi then tryed to double his pace


12-07-2007 16:52:01

As the rest of us saw Kara returns we were alarmed, cuts everywhere just drenched in blood. Daar went to go help her but she said that she was alright and could dress her wounds. In a few minutes that Kara was gone we started to wonder where Gob and Thanos were but then Thanos came into the camp.

“Were is Gob?” Ace asked.

“I don’t know he went off without me.” The young Krath said.

“What, why?” Ricco said puzzled.

“I don’t now; he hoped on a speeder and went on without me.”

“Ugg” Ricco said angrily.

“All right lets setup and make this our base camp.” Ricco said like a true leader.

We spent the next many hours setting up our camp and base of operations on this planet. We were not going to go back into the ship incase of these creatures following us in. It was night when we finally got everything setup and working, that’s also when Gob finally arrived.

“Gob there you are we were getting worried.” Itachi said.

Just then Gob opened his pack revealing dozens of crystals.

“Wow.” Said everyone looking at the crystals.

Gob explained where he got them and how he got them. Everyone was amazed.

“We’ve hit the jackpot!” Ricco said excitedly.

We all danced around in excitement that this planet was rich in minerals and the mission was worth the trouble it had already caused.

“Wait,” Kara said opening herself to the Force, those crystals…..they are sensitive to the Force.

“She’s right, those crystals can be used in lightsabers,” Ricco said very excitedly, we are going to be rich!”

So that night we celebrated until we couldn’t move anymore, knowing that if we could pull this mission off it would be all worth while.

Itachi Uchiha

12-07-2007 17:44:16

After the party Itachi when to train when Ricco showed up "You should get some sleep you will need the energy for tommorow" yawned Ricco " Sir with you permission I would like to scout out the enemys base" "It's to dangerous you saw what they did to Kira" "I know sir but with respect the more we know about the layout of the base the better prepared for an attack we would be" Itachi said "Sigh very well take Gob and Darr with you the rest of us will stay here and await for your return." Ricco said "Yes sir,thank you sir'" After sliping on his anbu suit he,Gob, and Darr all set out for the base hopeing to find someweak point in its defense "Lets just hope they dont spot us " Itachi thought to himself as they raced towards the enemys base

Andan Taldrya Marshall

12-07-2007 20:57:17

Due to a goof on my part a few posts got deleted. They've been recovered, though, and everything is ok. The following posts go between what is currently post #13 and #14.

Gobhainn Sgath -------

Gobhainn left the others and went back to the hold of the Haushinka. As he activated the hold doors, he smirked to himself.

"The others can pound the ground, if they want, but I'm going to do this right" he thought to himself.

Entering the hold, he threw his leg over the scout speeder, activating the bike repulsors as he settled in to the seat.

He had stashed the bike in the hold just before they had left Volcanus. He may have been ordred to participate in this mission, but he would move to Tatooine before he acted like a ground pounder.

Throwing the throttle forward and releasing the gravity brake, the Dark Jedi shot from the hold in a blur. It took him just a moment to refocus as he adjusted to the acceleration. After he had acclimitized to the speed, Sgath activated the cycle's scanners and set them to record. He then reached up and activated the full spectrum detection and enhancement feature of his visor.

As he sped south, Gobhainn established a tacking pattern in his course. This would allow him to scan the entire southern quadrant in one pass. And with the larger scanners of the speeder bike, he could record a complete spectrum of readings and from a greater distance than the handheld units the others carried.

Within forty minutes, Sgarth had traveled almost one hundred clicks from the Haushinka. He had just picked up some interesting readings, when Itachi's message echoed out of his com.

"That's intresting" the Coruscanti muttered to himself.

Normally "cloaking" was an interference with scanning equipment; visual cloaking was a totally different matter. It involved bending light around the cloaked individual. Sgath knew of a few Force using creatures, like the hssiss, that could achieve this, but not of any technological methods.

In the next moment, the Aedile's regroup order came over the commlink.

Sgath sneered to himself.

"Are we Archanis, that we turn and run at the first sign of trouble"

As much as he disliked it, the Knight swung his bike around and set a direct course back toward the yacht. He would rather investigate the contact further but had agreed to follow Ricco's command on the ground.

"Well, maybe if I get lucky, maybe I'll run into something on the way back." He chuckled to himself, feeling a slight adrenaline surge at the thought.

As much as he was a technophile, Gobhainn Sgath was also a Dark Jedi and a Sith. Acting on a hunch, he opened his senses to the Force. If these beings could hide from sight and from technology, then he had a suspicion that a force signature or rather the lack of one would be his best bet on detecting them.

Openinig his Commlink to closed frequencies, Sgath sent out a message to the others.

"Attention, Archanis Expedition, those of you who are able need to search for lifesigns using the force or notice any forcebubbles. If these beings can hide from sight and from technology, it may be your only chane to truly isolate them. Don't coun't on the IR glasses too much. Once they realize you can see the IR spectrum, they may have a way to counter it."

It was just a few minutes later, when Gobhainn felt a strong mumur in the force. He was still twenty-five clicks from the Haushinka, but whatever this was, it was too strong to ignore.

Banking the speeder to the east, the knight dropped in altitude until he was barely skimming the ground. As he approached the source of the disturbance, Sgath cut the throttle and let the bike glide in on repulsors. Visual scanning of the site revealed nothing on anything unusual on any light or electromagnetic spectrum, yet the force was telling him that there was something here.

Hopping off the bike as it slowed to a stop, Sgath walked cautiously over to where he felt the disturbance emmenating from. There was nothing there but a small irregular outcrop of rock puncturing the otherwise featureless plain.

Not trusting his equipment or his senses, drew his lightsaber and letting the force guide him, slashed through the middle of the disturbance.

He dropped his saber and clutched at his ears as he fell to his knees as a piercing screech reverberated into his skull. The scream lasted only a second and then was gone, but it left Gohbainn panting and disoriented.

Standing up once more, the knight stood in awe, gazing at the chunk of rock before him. It now had a micrometer wide crevice cut down its face from the slash of the crimson blade but otherwise seemed untouched. It seemed so ordinary but Gobhainn was suspicious that it held a treasure beyond imagining.

He had felt this way only once before. The first time that he had tried to create his own lightsaber, he had accidentally cut the Adegan crystal cross-matrix, ruining it. The crystalline scream that it had released had been similar to this, but nowhere near as strong.

Telekinetically lifting his lightsaber back to his hand, Sgath activated the blade once more. Then closing his eyes and taking a deep relaxing breath, let the force guide him. Making several quick slashes he cut around the object that was causing the murmur in the force. After the final cut, the knight heard something break away from the rock face and fall to the ground.

When he opened his eyes, Gobhainn was surprise to see only static; something was interfering with his visor. Removing the protective eyeware, he squinted in the bright light and after a moment was able to focus on the work he had done.

The rock face had been cut away in a small section and now lay on the ground. There, embedded in the igneous core of the outcropping, was a vein of crystals. Thin and black and octagonal in form, the crystals reverberated with an energy that distorted both the atmosphere and the presence of the force around them.

"By all the powers of Darkness, Archanis just hit the road to domination" Sgath whispered to himself.

Abraxia -------

"Well that was an amazingly short but pointless hike." Announced Abraxia as she and Kara turned and headed back.
"It would probably have been less short and pointless if you picked up the pace."
Kara stopped and frowned slightly. "Did you feel that?"
"Maybe... Are you talking about that shiver or the general deep dark sense of foreboding?"
"Let's just get a move on. And keep you're eyes open, not that it'll do you much good with that ever so practical hair."
"Hey, you made me tie it back. It's back. So be happy."
"Just move it. There's something out here and I don't like the idea of facing it with only you at my side."
"Oh now, say you don't mean that."
Kara just rolled her eyes and took out her comm, "This is Zor-El. We're on our way."
At the end of the transmission Kara started off at a slow run. Abraxia sped to catch up.
"If I didn't know any better I'd think you wanted to lose me."
"You know, I had been told you were quiet."
"And that's why you picked me? I'm touched."
"You know the more you talk the more of my air you steal so please, can we have silence?"
"It's the silence I don't like here. There should be wind or creatures or something. Here there's nothing."
"And if you keep the silence I can hear and therefore detect what's after us."
Abraxia knew what was a sensible suggestion when she heard one. Kara would have a much better chance of hearing anything as heavily cloaked as their enemy than her.
They recovered the ground in just over half the time it took them to get out. They returned to the landing sit to find Daar, Sgath and Itachi already back.


12-07-2007 22:00:42

Ace was awaken by footsteps outside of his quarters. He looked and saw Itachi, Gob, and Daar geared up walking north toward the enemy’s base. Ace got up and found Ricco watching them walk away.

“Where are they going?” Ace yawned.

“To scout the enemy base.” Ricco replied very seriously.

“That’s crazy, there going to need more help.” Ace said now serious.

“They are,” Ricco said, “I want you and Kara to follow them and make your presence know only when they find them selves in trouble.”

“Ok, I’ll get Kara now.

Ace ran at full speed to Kara’s quarters, seeing that lights were on he went in.

“Wha….what are those?” Ace said sacredly looking at three big beasts.

“My pets,” Kara replied, acting like the beasts were house pets, “they won’t hurt you.”

“Ok,” Ace said trying to stay away from the beasts, “Ricco wants us to follow Itachi, Daar, and Gob as they scout the enemy base but we cant let them know we are following them till there’s trouble, ok.”

“Ok, let’s get geared up and go.” She said sounding like this was a chore she didn’t want to do.

So as Kara said we geared up and headed out, except when we went out I stopped at the ship with Kara.

“I didn’t use these last time I went out but I stored them on the ship for traveling a long ways. Ace said pointing out two speeders.

The both of them hoped on the speeders and took off, with Rico watching them, into unknown perils that they and the ones ahead of them would face.

Itachi Uchiha

12-07-2007 22:41:29

Itachi,Gob and Darr arrived at the base. "Gob you are the strongest in the force here see how many of them there are. As Gob opened his senses to the Force he was able to pick out around 10 of them on guard duty."This is going to be harder then I thought"sighed Darr "Whats that over there" Itachi said quitely "Looks like some type of tunnel that leads underground" Darr had said "Stay quite and follow me" Gob a commanded. They all started to follow Gob when Itachi got the felling that they were begin followed. When they reached the tunnel Itachi quickly looked behind him. "Damn do you think he spoted us" Ace whispered "Shhhh" Kara said "Guess it was nothing" Itachi thought. "Hey Itachi pick up the pace!" Gob had shouted. They were in the tunnel so no one on the outside could hear them. After about 20mins of walking in the tunnel they saw a light shineing from above. "I'll see if its clear" Gob said in a low voice. He took off the vent and pulled himself up he looked around for a abit useing the force to sense for any clocked enemy. "All clear" Itachi and Darr pulled them selfs up and after a bit Kara and Ace did the same. "Looks liked we reached the mainframe look the whole layout for the base."whispered Itachi "And look at these blueprints for their clocking devices." said Darr. After they had just gotten done downloading everything something very bad happened. "Intruder Alert Inturder Alert"
"Damn the Alarm went off" Yelled Gob as he destoryed the computer. "You guys hurry back to the tunnel!" Kara shouted "Kara,Ace when did you guys get here?" asked Itachi "No time now hurry up"yelled Ace. As they ran through the tunnel Gob said" You guys need to get this info back to Ricco I hold them off go!" Gob yelled as he charged head on into atlest 10 of them. The rest of the party had made it back to the base safely and with the information. "This information came at a price we lost one of our best knights get rest we will need to to avenge Gob." said Ricco sadly."Damn It!! we should have never left him behind!"yelled Itachi. "He died for the sake of the house lets not let his sacrifice be in vain now eveyone get to bed."sighed Darr. Just then we saw a faint red glow and it got closer and closer it was Gob! He lightsaber was still ignited he was covered in cut and bruses. He was also covered in blood his own and his enemys. "It'll take alot more then that to kill me."Gob joked as he passed out on the ground.


13-07-2007 05:26:58

In the morning when Gob’s wounds had been dressed and he regained consciousness something was picked up by the scanners.

“What the…” said Ricco running to the scanners.

“It’s a ship…, all cannons at the ready, everyone gear up!” Ricco shouted.

Everyone scrambled to get geared up and to cannon. Just then a transmission came for the ship.

“Don’t shoot,” came Rannik’s voice, “I’m friendly!”

Ace recognized the voice at once, “Rannik, is that you?”

“Yes, I got worried when Kara left in such a rush.” The sith commander said.

“Ok.” Ricco sighed, “Everyone don’t shoot its Rannik.”

“Oh, great.” Daar said sarcastically.

“Actually this is good,” Ricco said, “Someone else to help us.”

“With what?” Rannik asked.

All that morning we told Rannik what had happened so far on our mission.

this post is just so that Rannik doesnt just jump in the middle of the story, we was gone when this started and wants to get in it.


13-07-2007 07:20:57

"Well, quite an interesting story." Rannik said with interest, "Is there anymore of those invisible creatures and the beings from the base left for me?"

"Yes, there's quite a lot of them." Ace replied.

"I guess we wait for the next move then?" Rannik commented.

"I guess so," Said Daar.


13-07-2007 15:31:24

For the next many weeks we worked hard making a base with walls, turrets, and guards to protect us. We tapped into the planets natural resources to build a base and kept it going. We were always ready for attack; there were guards at all hours and everyone was armed. As our base grew we harvested more and more of these crystals to one day sell and kept for ourselves. We worked hard to create a colony that Crix would be proud of, but one day there was an attack on the base by the invisible creatures and the enemy people, they were working together to attack and kill us all.

The GJW is in 2 days to we need to speed up the story some.

Itachi Uchiha

13-07-2007 16:19:24

"I’m sensing the enemy they are coming this way a lot of them got to get ready" Gob said in pain as he tryed to get up "Your still hurt you need to relax for a bit" said Kara. Gob mumbled something under his breath then went to sleep. "The layout of the base has been looked at it seems the tunnel leads to the rear of the base" Ricco said "Well that attack on the base won’t matter if we don’t survive this attack" sighed Itachi "Get the defenses ready for a full scale assault" Ricco commanded. After about a hr of prep they arrived at our base."They don’t have their clocking devices on." Ace said. "Guess they thought they won’t need them "Rannik said "Either way here they come" Yelled Itachi as he sent a wave of Shuriken into the enemy. “Turrets online yelled Ace”the turrets came online and started hammering into the enemy. I saw Ace blast one of their head off and Darr went and choped one of their arms off . Itachi felt something pass by him. The invisible creatures they are here too thought Itachi. “Everyone the Invisible Creatures are here watch out “yelled Itachi as he cut one if half with a Katana. Kara sensed this and swiftly cut off three of their heads. Rannik then cut the legs off of one and then tore his saber through its lung. I saw Ricco move at a insane speed and choped off atlest 10 of their heads The battle raged Gob got angry for just sitting there. “That’s It!!” Yelled Gob as he Ignited his Lightsaber. Gob ran in and sliced two of the enemy in half then cut off a Creatures head. The fight continued but in the end the Archanis team had drove the enemy back. “Now is when we attack them” Itachi thought as everone else in the house screamed “VICTORY!!!”


13-07-2007 19:44:32

After the attack everyone spent the next few days cleaning up. When we were done we immediately started to plan an attack on the enemy base, we had had enough of them. With the blueprints we got this became much easier but still hard, not knowing where the guards would be and if they’d be expecting us.

“What if we go from the east, like this.” Suggested Daar.

“No, and we can’t use that tunnel,” Answered Ricco, “they’ll be expecting that.”

“Damn.” Itachi said.

We were all standing in an underground room we dug out that we called our War Room; it was a hole in the ground that we furnished and set up everything we would need for a battle. It took several hours but we finally got a plan, Ace, Gob, Kara, and Rannik were to lead a squadron of troops to the front of the enemy base and attack, whereas Ricco, Daar, and Itachi would go to the back of the enemy base and find a way in, then with both groups advancing forward they would crush any kill anyone in there way until they meet up at the center. The plan seemed well enough but there are always bumps even in the greatest of plans.

Ace, Gob, Kara, and Rannik set out to the enemy base with their squadron of troops as Ricco, Daar, and Itachi headed around the enemy base to the back of it.

As Ace and Kara lead the way, already knowing where to go, everyone stood on their toes ready for an enemy attack at anytime. As the group reached the enemy base they heard the sound of blaster fire.


Sounds of people hitting the ground with a loud thump seem to happen every second. Then there were yells from both sides


We were all scared to death but with our connection to the Force we defeated them and advanced into their base.

Itachi Uchiha

13-07-2007 20:23:41

"sounds like they ran into the enemy keep your eyes and senses open" Ricco Warned the group as they continued on the back route to the base. "Here come some let me handal this" Itachi saidi as he pulled out his katana and quickly killed the 3 guardsmen in front of them. "Good job lets continue" Darr had said. After about 10 min of walking more appared."Damn there are more of them this time"Darr had said "Leave this to me" Ricco had said as he ignited his lightsaber and quckily dispatched of the 8 of them. "Man I can't wait till im that good"Itachi thought to himself. Darr just sighed and started walking. They were only 10 min from the other group when at lest 50 of them poped up. "TAKE COVER!!!" Yelled Itachi as he tossed out a Thermal detonator. They fought on but the enemys numbers were slowly overwhelming them. Just when all hope had been lost the other group had shown up and hit the enemy in the rear. The battle was won. "Thank you Ace, Gob, Kara and Rannik we are in your debt" Ricco had thanked the other group "No prob sir" Ace had said. "You showed up right on time now lets finish this!" Itachi had said. Everyone else nodded The Final Battle was at hand the battle that would decide the fate of the house.....


13-07-2007 21:21:46

We spent the next many hours killing off the rest of enemies and tracking down in the forest, we searched for hours and some of us spent days looking for the leader but we found evidence that he escaped. Ricco was trying to get us all together in a field; all the others were there except for Ace. All of a sudden one of the enemies for their base jumped out of a bush running franticly, and then Ace jumped out of the bush with his sword drawn. Ace slashed the running enemy covering his sword and the ground in blood.

“There you are Ace.” Ricco said relived.

“Ha, nice job Ace.” Rannik said.

“Alright let’s get down to business,” Ricco said in his serious voice, “we need to find their leader.

“I think I know here he is.” Ace said

“Where?” Gob asked.

“Well, when I was going after that guy I saw this tunnel underground and a lot of people get into it.”

“Take us to it Ace.” Daar said.

Ace let is comrades to where he saw the tunnel, they were sure that the enemy leader was in here. So they decided to go in. When they got to the bottom they found them selves in a very nice waiting room. They found a door and broke it down finding an office with a man behind a big brown desk and five Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi immediately turned on their lightsabers and charged at us. Ricco, Gob, and Kara turned on their lightsabers simultaneously and charged at the Dark Jedi, Ace drew his sword and blaster knowing that their sabers would cut right though his sword. All of them with their weapons out charged at the other Dark Jedi, Ricco jumped and slashed one with his saber killing the Dark Jedi, then Ricco swung his lightsabers to the left and killed another one. Gob caught one of them off guard and sliced his head off, at the same time Kara became locked in a dual with another one of the Dark Jedi killing him almost as soon as they started. Then the last Dark Jedi charged at Ace, he swung his blue saber but Ace narrowly dodged it, then Ace raised his blaster and shot the Dark Jedi in the face killing him.

Then we turned to the man behind the desk.

Itachi Uchiha

13-07-2007 22:28:05

"Very good housemates very good." Laughed the man behind the desk "What do you mean by housemates!" Shouted Darr. The man turned around to show himself and he was none other than.."CRIX!!!!" shouted Ace. "That is right it is me when i figuered out you had landed on this planet I decided to test the houses strenght and teamwork and I am happy to say you pass"Crix had explaned. "I understand the strenght but how did you test are teamwork?"asked Gob "It is simple most people would have taken the crystals for themselfs you guys however decided it would better the house if everyone got a profit" Crix had once again explaned. "Does that mean you knew about the crystals here on the planet?"questioned Itachi."At first no I did not know about the crystals I had come here originally to see you guys back to HQ but when I steped on the planet I knew something was here"Crix said. "What about people and creatures who attacked us" Kara asked. "Rebels captives that I had given clocking devices and hssiss mixed with other creatures so that they could clock them selfs." Crix said. "And the dark jedi what about them."Rannik asked "Brainwashed Jedi I just gave them red crystals for their lightsabers" Crix finished. "SO THE WHOLE THING WAS A TEST!" yelled Ace. "Yes it was now that everyone knows the truth why dont we head back to the ship and party for a bit" asked Crix. "WORKS FOR US!!" the group of batter brothers of Archanis yelled. So they went back to the ship and partyed until they dropped dead on the ground knowing that the future was bright for them and that the Archanis legacy would live on for many years to come....


14-07-2007 01:52:40

Knowing that there work was done the crew packed up and left everything in the hands of the people that came with Crix. As we got on the ship we all felt sorry that we had to leave, we had faced hell but we had grown to love this planet. But as we traveled back to Volcanus we relaxed, for the first time in a long while, knowing that we were going back to one day go on another mission even more deadly and suicidal.

I think that this is the end of the story, anyone correct me if you think im wrong though but with the GJWs so soon this probably is the end.

Kara Zor-El

14-07-2007 12:12:48

Getting back to the base in one piece, Kara boarded her own ship and followed her House mates back to Volcanis. Once there, she organised a small party for everyone, and then helped them plan for the next big test...the Great Jedi War. She had been told that Taldryan had won the GJW many times. She hoped they could do it again.