Cv Artwork


17-05-2007 19:36:04

The purpose of this thread is to display CV related artwork. CV themed sigs, banners, avatars and etc. can be placed here.
Note on image posting: all images should be linked to and not directly posted on the forums.

Here is a small image I made in Photoshop CS2.

A plain image with CV insignia and flame background.

With text and FX.

Basic text.

A small version of the text FX image.

A DB forum sized Avatar 120x120.

More to come later.

Ricco Vao

18-05-2007 06:16:26

Hey man these are pretty awsome keep up the great work on the gfx

Rigar Ulrand

19-05-2007 14:05:18

Nice man

Andan Taldrya Marshall

19-05-2007 14:46:30

Very cool, I like that stuff a lot.


27-05-2007 14:00:12

Here are 3 badges, just generic insignia using order colors and all have a chevron(which didn't format properly)

This is just a messaround with texture, fx, gradients, and what not.

Here is a short three minute video for the Crimson Vanguard, made with Windows Movie Maker(I know it's not the best but eh)