Vyram Shrike

15-05-2007 21:03:44

Hello all,

Couldn't find the introduction thread anywhere so I decided to create my own. Name's Vyram, I'm Canadian (don't hold it against me) and I look forward to whatever's in store.


15-05-2007 23:39:43

Welcome to Archanis and Taldryan, I am your AED Fire-Knight, Anytime you need help just send me an e-mail and i can give you a hand. Also, Dont hold it against you that your canadian? Careful where you say that, a large portion of this Clan is Canadian, myself included.. welcome to the family bro.

Ricco Vao

16-05-2007 08:40:47

Welcome my apprentice to Archanis and Taldryan. there should have been an intro page someone must have deleted it well done for posting.

Vyram Shrike

16-05-2007 11:04:11

Welcome to Archanis and Taldryan, I am your AED Fire-Knight, Anytime you need help just send me an e-mail and i can give you a hand. Also, Dont hold it against you that your canadian? Careful where you say that, a large portion of this Clan is Canadian, myself included.. welcome to the family bro.

Heh, just kidding on the Canadian part.


16-05-2007 16:35:18

Hey Vyram Welcome to the clan and house. Hope to see you on IRC soon.


01-06-2007 12:24:02

This thread is where you can Introduce yourself. Feel free to leave some information on your Character.


16-06-2007 08:22:00

Good evening,
I am Abraxia Sydan. Aspiring Sith, currently Novice.
I am not here because I was 'seduced'. I am here because I could feel the pull from my childhood. It was always there. I loath the term 'seduced.' When people assume I was seduced by the Dark Side, it suggests I could be lead around as a domestic animal is lead around, from light to dark.

Darkness keep you,

Abraxia Sydan


17-06-2007 20:40:19

Hello Abraxia. I am Jedi Hunter Rannik 'Warhammer' Narius currently the Sith Commander of the newly opened Battle Team Shadowmorph. I look in to seeing you later on mIRC and more often on the Message Boards.


20-06-2007 14:38:06

This thread is where you can Introduce yourself. Feel free to leave some information on your Character.

Hey I'm Pat and my charecter is Dark Ace. He was a bounty hunter with a girlfreind when his mother tracked him down and told him that a jedi killed his sister. So he decided to use his connection to the forceto become a Dark Jedi and get revenge for his sister.


27-06-2007 13:47:15

Hi I'm Oceba I,m currently a Novice.I'm new to the Dark brotherhood if you happen to see me on the IRC say hi.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

27-06-2007 15:00:42

Hey there! I must have missed you on IRC but Ricco told me that you were on today. I hope I can catch up with you soon.

Welcome to Archanis!

Gobhainn Sgath

30-06-2007 21:14:42


I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself to you as fellow members Clan Taldryan and House Archanis

I am the person once known as Freedon Nad, but who under the new covenant is known as Gobhainn Sgath.

I joined the Dark Brotherhood six years ago and have alway been in Clan Taldryan and when it was open - House Archanis.

I joined during the Period when the Dark Brotherhood was connected with the Emperor's Hammer Fleet, Serving in Tie Corps aboard the Avenger Task Force under Firefox, in Trapper Squadron under Enahropes Entar. When I joined the Dark Brotherhood, Chi-Long was Grand Master. I served in Shadowmorph squadron at that time; Crix was Sith Commander at that time.

I was very active advancing in rank and earning several awards for being a particpant in many competitions, even winning a few. I particpated in two Great Jedi Wars and one Great Sith War.

Then the Hard Times came.

First came the decline of flight combat, as XWA and XvT became older programs, fewer and fewer people were interested in flying. This led to a decline in the Sith Order and the Sith Houses in genereal. Archanis dropped from three squadrons to one, Hyperion Flight, and even that was even short in members. Finally the decision was made to close Archanis and transfer its roster to House Dinaari. I was given command of the reorganized Hyperion Flight, however most of our member were so disillusioned about the restructuring and the overall lack of opportunities for Sith that most went rogue (inactive) within a few weeks of being transferred to Dinaari. Since I could not generate new intrest and activity within Hyperion Flight, I was asked to step down as Commander. I guess that this was my own fault because I refused to be considered a member of House Dinaari, which was the Obelisk Ground Pounders at the time; I was, am and always will be a member of House Archanis.

At that same time, politics within the Emperor's Hammer and Dark Brotherhood were starting to get twisted and nasty. You may or may not of heard of the man, but Vice Admiral Astatine basically decided that he was in charge of all aspects of the running of the Emperor's Hammer and all its sub chapters. Within the DB, Chi-Long stepped down and Firefox took up the mantle and office of Grand Master. Under the "advice" of the EH Admiralty, Astatine was designated Deputy Grand Master. However since Astatine outranked FireFox in the EH in general, he began to try to exercise himself as the supreme authority within the Dark Brotherhood as well. This led to a series of conflicts in which many of us became disillusioned and went rogue because of the stress and animosity that deveoped in what was supposed to be a fun association. Those of us that rallied behind Firefox and stood up to Astatine's abuses found ourselve being persecuted especially in other divisions of the EH. This led the event now known as the Exodus. When the split happend, I chose to stay loyal to FireFox and the Dark Brotherhood. And because of this choice as well as standing up to Astatine, it was made clear that I was unwelcome at EH; where others were given a choice of which club to remain in, I was told to depart from the Tie Corps.

At this same time, my health, especially my heart began to give me problems and I found myself with less energy. Therefore, after two hospitalizations and surgeries, I decided that the stress and pressure that I was enduring at the DB had to be eliminated. It was with a heavy heart that I told Firefox and Crix to place me in the rogues' roster.

A year and a half later, I tried to return to active duty, but within three weeks I was in the hospital again and had to go inactive once more.

Now, a total of four years later and five surgeries, I am on total disability but am going to school for Interior Design to try and start a home based career. I find that I have a lot of time on my hands and I want to give the Dark Brotherhood a second chance.

I returned to active duty early in June and immediately started taking new Shadow Academy courses to catch up on how the DB is being run now. I've had to change my persona and am reworking my ACC character sheet, but otherwise I'm getting back into a active roll. The first thing I did when I returned was rejoin Archanis and Taldryan. Two weeks later, Crix asked me if I would be interested in joining a reformed Shadowmorph Battleteam and I leapt at the opportunity.

So, now I am back and ready for action. I know that houses and teams are now multiorder and therefore will try to involve myself in other things than just Sith projects.

One thing I am offering is to help those below me in rank to achieve DJK as quickly as possible; so if ther is anything I can do to help you advance please feel free to contact me through email or catch me on mIRC. I am willing to tutor anyone in those SA courses that I have passed and in the future will be trying to establish some competitions for Archanis in general. I have obtained a copy of JA and am trying to learn to fight in FPS mode but still prefer XWA. I have a copy of AlliED and am willing to design a battle if anyone is interested. I can also share my knowledge of 3D Studio Max, Poser and Photoshop, for any with access to these programs. I even have a few 3d model/meshes I've created and am willing to share.

I am often on mIRC and will be hitting the message boards. I've got a lot to catch up on and a lot I want to do; feel free to get in contact with me.

Kara Zor-El

09-07-2007 09:54:11

Hi all. My name is Kara Zor-El, and I am the newest member of Clan Taldryan. I know this is just a short post, but I don't have much time this morning. So, I'll post more when I get some free time. If anyone is interested in my bio, my dossier is 8013, and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Ta for now!


09-07-2007 12:36:02

Good to have ya Kara, Welcome Aboard to CV.


10-07-2007 06:49:51

This post is shorter. It will distract.

sionest thanosses

11-07-2007 16:43:56

Hi im sionest thannosses and im in the order of the krath and in house archannis of tardyan and my dossier is 8972 and the sith rule


31-07-2007 11:46:28

those that know... know....

those that don't... will....



15-08-2007 05:17:47


I am a new Apprentice from the Shadow Academy I follow the path of the Krath....I am Eludajae M'Nar....dark tidings.
Dossier #9119

Asani Vosa

15-08-2007 13:42:44

I like your style :D
Although I'm in Ekky, I hope to see you around

Ricco Vao

15-08-2007 16:25:05

Welcome all of you new persons to the wonderful world of the best clan in the DB :) I'm your AED (Aedile/second in command) if you have any problems come to moi or crixypoo


16-08-2007 11:55:46

Welcome all you people newer and noobier than me to the best clan in the DB and Archanis. Also jusr so you alls now Crix is Crix/Andan (Crix died in the GJW so Crix's new character is Andan).


19-08-2007 20:07:21

Welcome to the house and clan all, sorry about the late reply.

It's good to have you here.


19-08-2007 22:47:16

Geez Daar, how could you be so inconsiterate :P


25-08-2007 22:57:03

I was busy, and don't get all depressed I forgot to pick you up on the weekend again. This whole weekend custody stuff blows. We'll go fishing some other time son.


25-08-2007 23:21:04

What, so does this mean the time we shared means nothing?! but err this isn't the place for us to talk, to the....yeah i got nothing


19-09-2007 22:51:17


I am Sonitus.

I have been called here by the Dark Music that plays from my soul...thus my name, means music.

I am currently an Apprentice, but wish to move forward...I believe I will enjoy my time here.


20-09-2007 00:25:05


Hello and welcome...will be nice to have a Dark Muse amoungst us.


Andan Taldrya Marshall

22-09-2007 13:23:10

Welcome to House Archanis and Clan Taldryan. With any luck you should be able to advance quickly. I'm your Quaestor (you can call me Crix, most people do), and Goad is your Aedile. If you have any questions feel free to ask us or Gob, the house's Envoy.

The first thing that you need to do for a promotion is join one of our battle teams. If you email Goad and/or myself with your choice (between Crimson Vanguard and Shadowmorph) then we'll get you in there. The other thing that you need to do is write a character history. If you need any help just ask and we'll do what we can for you.


20-12-2007 09:49:21

Hi, I go by the name Nightroad, I am new to the DB and I am currently a Novice. My name reaaly represent myself for I like to work in the dark and travel a lot. I hope to learn more here and improve.


20-12-2007 13:48:58

Muhuwwhaahahaha[insert evil laugh here]



21-12-2007 06:45:28

Need help? Want help? Thinking of help?

No fear, DarkAmiz is here!

I'm always on forums/irc for all your daily help needs! :P

Andan Taldrya Marshall

21-12-2007 11:46:26

Hey Nightroad, welcome to the DB, Tal, Archanis and the MB =P