Caption Competition


01-05-2007 15:54:09

Here's how it works. There is three rounds in total, and one image per round. The objective of the game is to come up with a caption for the image, one caption per round from each competitor. The best three captions will get first to third place.
Good luck and have fun!

The images will not be directly posted on the forum, but in links.
Heres the first Image.


01-05-2007 18:45:35

"Oh, God... I hope I don't burn my face like last time. I'll start looking like Micheal Jackson or worse.... I'll look like Daar-Kareth!" The man shivers...

AlMeda Zarco

07-05-2007 16:31:41

"Darth Marlboro"


08-05-2007 18:46:58

Round one has come to and end. Thanks to Rannik and Al'Meda.

Teh Scores:
Rannik: First place. Nice caption couldn't stop laughing.
Al'Meda: Second place. Nice, very nice. A good laugh.

Alrighty then Ladies and Rodians Round two starts now. All members of the Crimson Vanguard are requested to participate. This will help add shiny new medals to your Dossiers as well as help you cross off an objective from that list of trials. Not to mention Caption comps are pretty fun and easy
as pie to do.

Here's the second image.

AlMeda Zarco

08-05-2007 22:23:20

"Who is this? What's your operating number?"

Ricco Vao

12-05-2007 14:38:10

1.They say smoking kills but it aint half as bad as lighting the bastard in the first place!

2.I just couldn't choose my best man all my friends are just so alike they even dress the same, look the same, smell the same, wait...they are the same. My whole life is a lie! ::goes and kills himself whilst best men drink MGD::


14-05-2007 09:16:47

The game is over. Thanks go to all who participated in our BT's caption comp.
Unfortunately only three people competed over all so we didn't even get to round three.

so without further delay here are the placings for round 2.

First: Ricco Vao
Second: Al'Meda
Third: N/A

Over all placings based on round placings.
First: Rannik
Second: Ricco Vao
Third: Al'Meda.

The winners will be getting 5th level Crescents. Congrats.

Thanks for coming out and playing the game.