Run-on Rules


13-04-2007 14:26:34

Basic Rules

1. This run-on is open to all members of the Brotherhood, regardless of rank, clan, or position.
2. All posts should be in character for the characters in the story. You do not exist in this story. You are writing the novel.
3. This story takes place in 250 BBY, so keep that in mind. The Sith are in hiding, Star Destroyers don’t exist, etc. Given the relative lack of direct information about ships or anything at the time, some authorial discretion may be used when it comes to starship classes. Just stick to reasonable claims about any ships. Basic technology still works the same (lightsabers, blasters, etc).
4. To be eligible for a chance at a crescent, you must post at least 3 times, with posts that are at least of a page in MS Word. You may post more than that, and your posts may be longer. Actually, both are encouraged. HOWEVER, do not put excessive space in between paragraphs, or change your font.
5. “Called posts” must be filled within two hours. Do not post a call and then disappear. During those two hours, no one else may post in the run-on. Any called post that sits there for longer than two hours may be ignored, and eventually will be deleted. Do not stack called posts.
6. Absolutely no crescents will be awarded until the run-on is completed. If it never finishes, no one gets anything.
7. The Headmaster reserves the right to moderate this run-on as needed and he himself will be a participant (though ineligible for any awards). Only the Headmaster will post out of book posts, to aid the story. You should only post for the story that Horace is reading.


A simple point system, in conjunction with rule number four above, will be used to determine a winner. Any post of any length is worth 1 point. Any post that meets the minimum requirements (listed in rule four) is worth 2 points. Finally, any post that is deemed to be exceptionally good (according to the judge; factors such as, but not limited to, plot movement, spelling/grammar, and writing quality may be considered).

This scoring system has been created so that quality versus quantity can be balanced out, as best as may be possible, anyway.

For those of you aren't great at writing English, here's a free online spelling and grammar checker: (it isn't perfect, but no automated system is)

Questions may be posted on this thread.


14-04-2007 00:12:33

I forgot to mention the following things:

1. Please do not double post (that is, back to back). Edit any called posts, rather than posting another message.

2. Try to avoid posting every other post, to give other people a chance to participate. This is not to say you can't do this, but it should be a last resort.

Also, the point of this run-on, as it is designed, is to get people used to writing a story with others, to get them used to writing with characters that aren't theirs (as you do in most fiction events), and to let us run a little wild with the possibilities that the Star Wars universe offers.

Now, let's see some posts! :)