Run-on #8


14-12-2006 14:19:05

[Participants: DJM Spears, SBM Shimura, SBM Kell Wraith, KAP RevengeX, DJK Callus, DJK Zak Mandalore, JH Scyrone, GRD Bran Redmow]

Anshar sat in at his desk, staring out at one of the rare thunderstorms that dotted Lyspair's landscape. Rain on Lyspair only came at night, the lightning flashes providing but brief glimmers of the land outside the Shadow Academy's walls. The night rain adequately reflected Anshar's present mood. In front of Anshar's desk a man, a failed initiate, stood trembling slightly. In front of him lay a pile of droid parts which only minutes before had been a whole, functioning droid. Without moving, or even turning the chair, Anshar had disassembled the droid with the Force, in front of the man. The door to Anshar's office slid open and Dranik entered, his cloak still wet from the rain.

"The book cannot be found," said Dranik, dispensing with the formality reserved only for public forums. "None of our ships were taken, either. Some conclude that the thief departed on foot, undoubtedly to a hidden ship. I've ordered a reviewing of all sensor logs for any possible ship launch. But, this weather makes that hard to clearly distinguish anything. Also, there are other options for escape." Dranik was the head of the Shadow Academy's defense and security, a role he had co-opted upon his arrival. The fact that the thief had not taken any of the Academy's numerous fighters or shuttles to escape meant he did have other plans; his own ship, hidden somewhere on Lyspair, was a logical explanation, though how the thief managed to get it there, Anshar could not fathom. Dranik saw the remnants of the droid on the floor, recognizing it as the droid librarian as Anshar spoke.

"And the security tapes?" asked Anshar.

"They reveal nothing," replied Dranik. "They were tampered with, very professionally. Even if we can figure out exactly what was done, the chances of getting anything useful are slim. Whoever did this was a professional, and it was not a spontaneous theft."

"It appears, Mister Pola, that you are in the clear," said Anshar. Dac Pola had tried to join the Brotherhood, but though he possessed a modicum of Force ability, he had never been able to make use of the Force. He instead had become on the Academy's security detail and his assignment that night had put him at the library when this happened. "Leave us." Pola bowed and exited the office, trying very hard to make it not appear as a flight driven by fear.
"I will begin hunting this thief immediately," said Dranik. Anshar turned his chair around to face Dranik.

"Under normal circumstances, I would say that would be the best," replied Anshar. "However, you, nor I, can cover every angle. I have reviewed the last flight log, and the star shuttle Sheeta departed with a load of apprentices ten minutes after the theft. It will be traveling to all the clans to deliver the new members to their assigned clans." Dranik nodded. He had noticed this, too, and it was his first choice for an escape as well. The hidden ship theory was virtually impossible, as one could only get through the shroud on board official Brotherhood craft. Anshar continued.

"I want the Dark Vault sealed," he ordered. "No one is to be permitted in without a strict guard, and their time in the Vault will be limited." The Dark Vault was essentially the Academy's library and it contained a great deal of information, ranging from the mundane to very rare items. "As we cannot cover this by ourselves, we will put a call out to the clans for volunteers."
"Should the clans send teams?" asked Dranik. Anshar shook his head.

"We haven't the time for clans to assemble special teams," he replied. "Any member who wishes to help us may come. As they arrive, we will assign them to whatever group we can and send them out. As much as the clans may hate one another, the individual members do need to get used to working together. I sense that far more trying times lay in the future." Anshar paused. "Dranik, put the call out to the clans for volunteers; make certain to mention that those members who help retrieve the book will be rewarded." Dranik bowed and left. Anshar pulled out a holo-recorder and began a mission briefing.

"Members of the Brotherhood, as you may now know, the Shadow Academy had a rare, valuable book stolen from the Dark Vault. The thief, whoever he was, is top rate and he could be anywhere in Brotherhood space or beyond. Given the urgency of this situation, most of you will be formed into ad hoc teams, working with members from other clans. Whatever your personal feelings towards the other clans, or their representatives, may be, now is not the time to dwell upon them. This mission you are about to embark upon is for the greater benefit of the Brotherhood.

Your goals are simple: find the thief, find his supporters if he has them, and retrieve the book. Anyone who stands in your way, or attempts to stop you, may be killed or otherwise incapacitated as you see fit.

You may make use of almost any of the Shadow Academy resources if you cannot get them from your clans. Simply clear things with Dranik first. The only ships off limits are the Mnemosyne and her fighter compliment.

Finally, the book you are seeking is bound in black leather, with gold lettering on the cover. This book is written in runes, and is slowly being translated. The only part of the title we have translated thus far is "bible." Those who succeed, and those who show great skill and courage, shall be rewarded.


14-12-2006 20:17:25

Callus made his way into the main lobby of the Shadow Academy. He thumbed his datapad and got the names of the team he'd be working with on this assignment. He was encoraged to see somany familar faces among the list.

The former Headmaster Spears, of whom Callus had been a guardsman was the most dominating presence of the group. Though the Adept looked the part of a gnarled old man it was not at all an accurate description. Only few knew what the former headmaster was truly capable of, Callus was one of those privaleged enough to see Spears in combat.

Sycrone a Jedi Hunter had been in Oriens Obscurum with Callus for a short time and was a good fighter.

The name that exited him most was Shimura. Shimura, or Xhedias, had been one of Callus' early mentors upon joining the Brotherhood. Callus came to Knighthood under Shimura in Clan Satal Keto. Callus smiled as he recalled memories of their time togeather. The Zabrak had taught Callus many an important lesson in their time togeather

Callus didn't recognize the other names other than by what their files said.

The Battlelord Kell Wraith was virtually unknown to Callus other than the records that were left by him during his time as Aedile of House Aleema of Clan Satal Keto, a position that Callus held with pride. The man wasn't very dominant in stature standing at just under 6 feet, but he exuded an aura that commanded respect.

The Krath Archpreist RevengeX bore himself with an air of dignity that acording to his dossier was well earned. The man stood at just around 6 feet tall and looked quite scholarly but he stance told Callus that there was more hidden underneath his outward appearance.

The Naga Sadow member Zak Mandalore Callus knew fairly well from the Battle Team conflict that had erupted when Callus was Tetrach of the Night Hawks phyle in house Marka Ragnos. Mandalore was a blue-furred Nelvaanian who measured up to Callus quite well. They stand about the same height though Callus outweighs the Nelvaanian by about 15 pounds.

The Guardian, Redmow was a fellow Arconan, though Callus didn't know him personally as he was in another Battle Team and they didn't associate frequently. The man, while the most inept of the group was the one who stood out the most. He stood well over 6 feet tall Callus assumed about 6'6" Though the Guardians weight was quite well distributed along his massive frame. Callus sized him up and decided that he could take him.

Callus tucked away his datapad in his pocket and approached the group. Several turned when they heard his footfalls on the stone. Callus was an imposing figure himself. He stood at 6'1" tall and his massive 215 pounds of sheer muscle led you to belive that he had spent countless hours conditioning his body. Callus had a swagger that you would associate with a TIE pilot combat veteran and was well deserved. Callus bore the emblem of the TIE Corps on his left forearm that was plainly visible as Callus wore no traditional robes. Callus found himself most comfortable in black shorts embossed with the Clan Satal Keto Logo and a white tank top that revealed his muscular frame while still retaining some modesty. Callus wore a belt with his lightsaber on his left side and DX-2 blaster pistol on his right. Strapped to his thigh was a long dagger, about a foot in length.

Callus, finished sizing up the group, joined them and spoke.

"Lets get this show on the road shall we?"

Makurth Mandalore

14-12-2006 21:01:00

Makurth's eyes flicked around the group for a moment, examining faces and committing them to memory. A few he reconized, like Callus and Shimura, the others he did not.

He shifted in his armor uneasily since being in a crowd this size was not something he did very often. The Nelvaanian had a certain dislike for being around large groups, mainly due to the way the Force swirled around them, often causing him to become dizzy or nauseous. He and Macron were still working on his "condition", though he was more than strong enough to fight his way out of nearly every situation thrown at him.

With each shift of his body, his Dainslaif hilt glinted over his shoulder, along with the lightsaber clipped at his belt. Heavy, armored boots scuffed at the floor and his heavy DC-17 blaster rifle was clenched in his clawed fists.

His blue-furred ears pricked at the sound of Callus' voice and he turned to see Callus, a small grin tugging at his lips.

"Yes, get moving we must." The Nelvaanian grumbled to the group, but mainly to himself. He held no discrimination against another of a different Clan. If anything, he enjoyed the diversity it brought to groups made up of different Clan members. He could only hope that a few of the others held that point of view as well.

"Long time no see, old friend. This one's life, hell it has been." Zak growled in rough Basic as he walked foward to meet Callus halfway.

Kell Wraith

14-12-2006 22:40:14

Battlelord Kell Wraith sized up the group as he checked his equipment. This was just another mission for him and he was already slightly bored and annoyed as he was used to working alone. He wore a jet black body suit with the old Praetorian patch on his left shoulder and Aquillas emblem on his chest. He wore a lightsaber on each hip, custom on his right and his old basic saber on his left. His black handled crystal sword was sheathed on his back. Everything appeared ready to go and he looked at Spears, the only one he was aquainted with, "You guys ready to get this show on the road?".


14-12-2006 23:13:03

The group had been introduced, and was abuzz with conversation as several of the group broke off into smaller groups. The Master could sense that some of the group felt the need to charge head long into the search, eagerly anticipating the reward they had been promised for finishing their mission.

From behind his mask the Master spoke. Where do you intend to start your search? Who shall search? What shall they search for? What equipment will they need? Can they expect assistance? Those are only a few of the questions that we require answers to before we as you eloquently put it “Get the show on the road.” Until we have answers to these questions we shall remain here.

Several of within the group nodded their agreement and those who thought differently knew better then to defy Spears, the Masters reputation had far preceded him.

“We shall gather in the Academies briefing room in 10 minutes and shall hatch our plan from there.”


15-12-2006 13:38:48

Shimura bowed slightly to the Master then stood quietly in his robes. Catching the attention of both the Knights, he nodded a “hello” to both of them and to the rest of the group. Shimura looked forward to getting their search underway, but there was a lot of ground to cover with little time and help available. Such details would later be discussed and there would be no doubt that the Dark Master would lead such a discussion.

He glanced across the group that had formed their own tightly knit circle that stood shoulder to shoulder. There were many types among them, the wise, the powerful, the unveiled greatness and finally, the knowledge thirsters. Shimura knew that everyone would learn something under the Headmaster Emeritus, the young had much to benefit if they watched, listened and comprehended.

Shimura crossed his arms and spread his stance out. His eagerness to start radiated from every outlet of his body that was aware to everyone. Shimura’s dark tattoos stood out against his dark face, he smirked as he listened to the others.

Makurth Mandalore

15-12-2006 23:16:24

My master. Been busy as of late? Makurth sent to his old master as he moved towards the briefing room, not waiting for the others. He was not in a hurry, just more than ready to get the gears of this machine turning smoothly. His boot heels clicked against the hard floor as the Nelvaanian strode to stand before the black door, the blue fur on the nape of his neck bristling.

Something wasn't quite right.

Bran Redmow

16-12-2006 00:55:13

Bran watched the dog-like humanoid leave. A Nelvaanian? he thought, Never seen that before. He grabbed the DC-15 that was propped up against the wall and slung it over his shoulder. He reached into his pocket to make sure his vibroknuckler was still there. He played with it for a moment before letting it come to rest. He took a look at the other members before following the Nelvaanian out. He felt diminished near them, despite his physical stature. He felt lowly, but determined that it wouldn't stop him from doing his job. He would catch the theif and he would get a promotion and the respect he believed he deserved.
Jedi Hunter Bran Redmow he thought as he wlked out into the hall. He liked the sound of that.


16-12-2006 16:05:01

RevengeX looked with disgust at the two Dark Jedi Knights and the Journeymen. The Archpriest had signed to be placed on a mission about recovering an ancient and very valuable artifact, not a mentorship. Even though he didn’t know any of them, even by name, the Quaestor had had some rough experiences with bloated Journeymen in the past, one which involved a rather large explosion. He glanced at Xhedias and Kell, two whom he had heard of, but never really gotten to know.

Such hindrances shouldn’t be assigned to missions as potentially dangerous as these, he thought as he followed the others to the Academy’s briefing rooms where the team would assemble and discuss a course of action as suggested by former Headmaster “Uncle” Spears Tarentae. The Archpriest grumbled in his head; it was going to be a long day for him.

Revenge was eager to get this show started and his fingers twitched every so often as they almost instinctively reached for his lightsaber that hid an azure blade.

I just hope we can find this silly book soon enough before these kids start trying to take glory and fame and end up dying 'cause of it...


16-12-2006 18:58:42

Callus was making his way into the breifing room and could sense the hate coming from the one they called RevengeX. Of course that wasn't unusal considering he was a dark jedi. But this seemed to be directed at him, Callus didn't ever remember meeting this man to offend him in anyway as to inspire such loathsome feelings but perhaps he just hated all of those below him. That wouldnt suprise Callus too much.

He entered the briefing room and took a seat beside Xhedias and Zak. Bran came plodding in and sat with them as well. Callus was sure Spears would have a plan, he always did.


17-12-2006 15:11:46

Shimura noticed that Revenge had briefly studied him and took no heed in it. Revenge was curious about Shimura, and the feeling was mutual. Shimura leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on the durasteel table, crossed at the ankles. He continued by crossing his arms, taking an all to casual stance to their mission that was liable to upset some of the higher ranking Darksiders.

The pale Zabrak felt his Apprentice’s desire to communicate. Now was neither time nor place, Xhedias sent back a message that was along the lines of “We’ll speak later”. Standing in front of the group was Master Spears, his face hidden and voice muffled behind the mask. He cleared his throat in a polite attempt to get the groups attention. While the attempt was successful, nobody had truly dared to irk the Master for fear of a painful reprimand.

Speaking to the now silent group, Spears added, “Where do we start?”


20-12-2006 20:54:57

Scyrone had stayed quiet the whole time. The Ithorian probably had a chat with one or two of these people (even if for only a short time) but didn't care for them too much. He knew Callus well enough to know that when Scyrone had left Arcona as former-BTL and Callus had taken the Ithorian's place.

Now was not the time to dwell on past conversations. Now was the time to make up a plan.

The Ithorian finally spoke up, "We start by discovering clues. We know our objective; we have been briefed on our assignment before we even came together. Let us endeavor to get to whoever this reckless 'grave-robber' is. We can't stand around like Jedi and 'meditate on the issue' or 'try to chart out a nonviolent elucidation’."

Scyrone did not care about the criticism he might've received from his observations. The Ithorian was used to criticism; although he would unquestionably preserve the half-plan he proposed to the group.


23-12-2006 10:04:50

The Archpriest nodded slightly and replied, “If we were to start with discovering clues, it’d be best to start at the Dark Vault, the location where the book was stolen.” He paused for a moment as he laid out a path in his mind. “I’m not exactly sure where we would go from there if we don’t discover anything, but if we do, our best shot would be to follow that clue until we hit a dead end.”

Several of the others nodded in agreement; after all, what else would they be able to do besides that? There was nothing from the mission briefing that would lead them anywhere besides knowing that it had been stolen from the Dark Vault.

“Well, shall we get going then?” asked Shimura as he looked around the table at other people.

“Not so fast,” cautioned Spears. “In the event that we do find something useful, we are to meet together outside the entrance to the Dark Vault. Everyone, keep an eye out.”

The group nodded wistfully and stood up out of their chairs. The Dark Jedi proceeded out of the room and towards a turbolift, each vying for the chance to find a clue and boost their personal glory and bragging rights.


The group arrived outside the sealed Dark Vault and inspected it under the scrutiny of a few well-armed guards. They opened themselves up to the Force and searched for anything unusual, anything that stood out of the norm.

Bran Redmow

28-12-2006 20:42:41

Bran walked throughout the vault, his prosthetic eye whirling. He thought to himself about the details. Some professional broke into the Dark Vault, stole an important book, and dissappeared. All under the nose of the Brotherhood.

This guy was good. Beyond that, he was excellent.
Bran thought. He doubted he could find anything if his superiors here couldn't. He decided to look like he was doing something and kept his hands off everything in the room. He began to hum a song his father taught him and his mind wandered off into the past.


28-01-2007 00:28:44

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