Run-on #1


14-12-2006 13:41:25

[Participants: Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya, and Illian Syn]

Anshar sat in at his desk, staring out at one of the rare thunderstorms that dotted Lyspair's landscape. Rain on Lyspair only came at night, the lightning flashes providing but brief glimmers of the land outside the Shadow Academy's walls. The night rain adequately reflected Anshar's present mood. In front of Anshar's desk a man, a failed initiate, stood trembling slightly. In front of him lay a pile of droid parts which only minutes before had been a whole, functioning droid. Without moving, or even turning the chair, Anshar had disassembled the droid with the Force, in front of the man. The door to Anshar's office slid open and Dranik entered, his cloak still wet from the rain.

"The book cannot be found," said Dranik, dispensing with the formality reserved only for public forums. "None of our ships were taken, either. Some conclude that the thief departed on foot, undoubtedly to a hidden ship. I've ordered a reviewing of all sensor logs for any possible ship launch. But, this weather makes that hard to clearly distinguish anything. Also, there are other options for escape." Dranik was the head of the Shadow Academy's defense and security, a role he had co-opted upon his arrival. The fact that the thief had not taken any of the Academy's numerous fighters or shuttles to escape meant he did have other plans; his own ship, hidden somewhere on Lyspair, was a logical explanation, though how the thief managed to get it there, Anshar could not fathom. Dranik saw the remnants of the droid on the floor, recognizing it as the droid librarian as Anshar spoke.

"And the security tapes?" asked Anshar.

"They reveal nothing," replied Dranik. "They were tampered with, very professionally. Even if we can figure out exactly what was done, the chances of getting anything useful are slim. Whoever did this was a professional, and it was not a spontaneous theft."

"It appears, Mister Pola, that you are in the clear," said Anshar. Dac Pola had tried to join the Brotherhood, but though he possessed a modicum of Force ability, he had never been able to make use of the Force. He instead had become on the Academy's security detail and his assignment that night had put him at the library when this happened. "Leave us." Pola bowed and exited the office, trying very hard to make it not appear as a flight driven by fear.
"I will begin hunting this thief immediately," said Dranik. Anshar turned his chair around to face Dranik.

"Under normal circumstances, I would say that would be the best," replied Anshar. "However, you, nor I, can cover every angle. I have reviewed the last flight log, and the star shuttle Sheeta departed with a load of apprentices ten minutes after the theft. It will be traveling to all the clans to deliver the new members to their assigned clans." Dranik nodded. He had noticed this, too, and it was his first choice for an escape as well. The hidden ship theory was virtually impossible, as one could only get through the shroud on board official Brotherhood craft. Anshar continued.

"I want the Dark Vault sealed," he ordered. "No one is to be permitted in without a strict guard, and their time in the Vault will be limited." The Dark Vault was essentially the Academy's library and it contained a great deal of information, ranging from the mundane to very rare items. "As we cannot cover this by ourselves, we will put a call out to the clans for volunteers."
"Should the clans send teams?" asked Dranik. Anshar shook his head.

"We haven't the time for clans to assemble special teams," he replied. "Any member who wishes to help us may come. As they arrive, we will assign them to whatever group we can and send them out. As much as the clans may hate one another, the individual members do need to get used to working together. I sense that far more trying times lay in the future." Anshar paused. "Dranik, put the call out to the clans for volunteers; make certain to mention that those members who help retrieve the book will be rewarded." Dranik bowed and left. Anshar pulled out a holo-recorder and began a mission briefing.

"Members of the Brotherhood, as you may now know, the Shadow Academy had a rare, valuable book stolen from the Dark Vault. The thief, whoever he was, is top rate and he could be anywhere in Brotherhood space or beyond. Given the urgency of this situation, most of you will be formed into ad hoc teams, working with members from other clans. Whatever your personal feelings towards the other clans, or their representatives, may be, now is not the time to dwell upon them. This mission you are about to embark upon is for the greater benefit of the Brotherhood.

Your goals are simple: find the thief, find his supporters if he has them, and retrieve the book. Anyone who stands in your way, or attempts to stop you, may be killed or otherwise incapacitated as you see fit.

You may make use of almost any of the Shadow Academy resources if you cannot get them from your clans. Simply clear things with Dranik first. The only ships off limits are the Mnemosyne and her fighter compliment.

Finally, the book you are seeking is bound in black leather, with gold lettering on the cover. This book is written in runes, and is slowly being translated. The only part of the title we have translated thus far is "bible." Those who succeed, and those who show great skill and courage, shall be rewarded.

AlMeda Zarco

14-12-2006 22:27:55

Jedi Hunter Al’Meda Zarco was polishing a particularly wonderful crystal that Baron Zarco had given her. The gem was suspended before her by her living will. She held a small laser in her right hand and gripped the edge of her desk with her left. She brought the laser within millimeters of the hovering treasure and pressed the raised activation stud on the cylindrical wand. A tiny red beam silently emerged from the wand to play against the surface of the sparkling stone.

“Ssssssssssssssss,” burned the laser against the gem. She brought all of her will to bear upon making minute amendments to the crystal’s original shape. The massive gem was a gift from Baron Zarco who stood silently behind her, admiring not the gem but the jewel that tended the gem. The gem he had given her was to be the heart of the lightsaber she would bear after her trials were complete. She devoted herself to crafting its facets that would focus irresistible plasmic death just as Baron Zarco had focused upon her liberation from her past.

“BEEP!…BEEP!…BEEP!” The silence was broken just as was the Huntress’ focus. She turned to stare at the device making the noise and reached out with an angry hand to summon the device to her. The portable communications device sped to her hand and slapped against her palm as her livid fingers closed around it but, in so doing, her prior focus had fallen to the desk.

Al’Meda Zarco slammed the communications device into the desk and snatched up her crystal, hurriedly examining it to see whether the sudden break in focus had harmed the precious gift. Upon seeing that it had not, her anger left just as decisively as it had entered. She tucked the crystal away and answered the device.

The voice and image of the Praetor to the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy burst forth from the holoprojector as if to herald the urgency of the message contained within.

"Members of the Brotherhood, as you may now know, the Shadow Academy had a rare, valuable book stolen from the Dark Vault. The thief, whoever he was, is top rate and he could be anywhere in Brotherhood space or beyond. Given the urgency of this situation, most of you will be formed into ad hoc teams, working with members from other clans. Whatever your personal feelings towards the other clans, or their representatives, may be, now is not the time to dwell upon them. This mission you are about to embark upon is for the greater benefit of the Brotherhood.

Your goals are simple: find the thief, find his supporters if he has them, and retrieve the book. Anyone who stands in your way, or attempts to stop you, may be killed or otherwise incapacitated as you see fit.

You may make use of almost any of the Shadow Academy resources if you cannot get them from your clans. Simply clear things with Dranik first. The only ships off limits are the Mnemosyne and her fighter compliment.

Finally, the book you are seeking is bound in black leather, with gold lettering on the cover. This book is written in runes, and is slowly being translated. The only part of the title we have translated thus far is "bible." Those who succeed, and those who show great skill and courage, shall be rewarded title we have translated thus far is "bible." Those who succeed, and those who show great skill and courage, shall be rewarded.

The Zarcos eyed one another and smiled. Their minds wandered but in the same direction as they whispered in unison. “Surely such a document bears upon those who call themselves the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

Without a word, Al’Meda Zarco was on the communications device with the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, assembling them as she and Baron Zarco had done before many times. She forwarded the message to them in total and instructed the group to rendezvous immediately at Horsemen rally point fifteen, one of many coded points known only to the Horsemen and their immediate chain of command. At the same time, Baron Zarco contacted their Aedile and long-time Brotherhood member, Crix.

As they began to gather their personal effects, Al’Meda looked up as if she had almost forgotten something.

“What about Sorrow’s brother Illian? Though he is not a Horseman, has proven his worth alongside the Horsemen many times.” Baron Zarco nodded.

The Tetrarch sent Illian a message inviting him to arrive with Sorrow. The pair then descended into the tunnel that led to their hidden hangar to burst forth as they had so many times, as Horsemen loosed as if yet another seal heralding doom had been broken.


15-12-2006 02:52:09

The message, when it arrived, was brief. Al’Meda, whom Illian seemed to be running into more and more lately, appeared on his holo-projector and spoke quickly.

“Hunter Syn, the Horsemen is about to embark upon another mission, this time for the Shadow Academy, by invite of Anshar himself. It seems…” She broke off, narrowing her eyes as Illian came into view on her own device. He was standing shirtless, blood covering his arms up to his elbows. Rasing an eyebrow, the Tetrarch addressed the Jedi Hunter coldly. “Am I interrupting something?” Illian only smiled sweetly.

“Nothing that can’t wait. I was getting bored with this one anyway. Hold on,” he said as he turned away from the projection for a moment, drawing his blaster and firing several shots out of view that were followed by a wet thump. Illian grunted and turned back to Al’Meda. “Now you have my full attention. Save the details for later, just tell me where and when.” The huntress sighed and shook her head slightly before continuing.

“You will leave immediately, or as soon as possible, and meet up with Sorrow. He will brief you on the situation. And one more thing Illian,” she said, before Illian could close the message, “clean up first. You will be representing the Horsemen with us on this task and I would prefer your appearance to mirror this. Al’Meda out.” Illian stared at the empty space where the Tetrarch had been for a moment, a thin smile making its way across his lips.

“Very well, I suppose I could do with a shower. S’aim, come!” He called, summoning his black hound before making his way out of the prefab shelter he had been temporarily occupying in the lower slums of Tarii. The family here had provided almost no amusement so the prospect of working with his old friend Rosh again cheered him up no end. Stopping at the entrance he rummaged in his pack, lobbing several thermal detonators into the structure as an afterthought. “I’m sure they would have wanted it like this, would have even asked if I hadn’t removed their tongues,” he said to no-one as he walked away, barely even registering the explosion behind him. Taking out his holo-projector again, he contacted Sorrow. The Guardian’s blue eyes met Illian’s green, mildly irritated at the disturbance.

“Illian, if this is about removing your brain for cleaning again I’ve already told you I’m not going to do it. It’s not even a good idea, and I’m kinda in the middle of something.” As he spoke he gestured slightly over his shoulder where an attractive young woman sat naked on a bed behind him.

“She’s pretty. But this is important. Al’Meda just invited me to accompany the Horsemen and this Shadow Academy thing. You’re briefing me.”

“Together again hmmm? Very well, I’ll try and cut this short. Meet me in orbit around Deva as soon as you can.”

“Deva it is. Oh yea, I blew up a house for you.” With that he switched his communicator off, and gave S’aim a pat. “Well, looks like another holiday for us my beast. More souls to liberate from their fleshy prisons and all that.” Tossing his hair back he set off with his dog to get some equipment and a transport.

Sorrow Prototype

15-12-2006 07:29:12

Sorrow let out a low, slightly insane, giggle as he thought about what Illian could have meant about blowing up a house for him. With Illian it could mean anything or it could mean the literal translation. Either way it was bound to have been entertaining and Sorrow was upset he’d missed it.

As he rested back on his bed he felt a warm arm creep over his shoulder to fall across his chest in an almost loving way. It was not something he was accustomed to enjoying, nor was it something he was accustomed to accepting, but he let it slide this time. She had the write to a little happiness just like everyone else.

Once again his communicator beeped at him. He had noticed it before but had ignored it for more pleasurable distractions, only answering it when Illian’s unique ring tone sounded. Now however, the moment was gone and he could spare some time to check out the message.

Getting up and walking into the bathroom. He closed the door and activated the message as he quickly cleaned the sweat of the previous night off of himself. His thoughts lifted as the message from Al’Meda played out. He had been getting antsy of late. This time of year was always quite. Closing off the communicator he walked out to find the young girl holding a holopad. The image of his Ayylese danced above the hand held device.

His eyes flared with anger as Sorrow quickly looked around for his Liche-blade lost in the heat of passion the night before.

“She’s pretty.” The young girl stated as she looked wonderingly at the image. “She must have passed away if you’re here with me, cause I can’t think of any reason you wouldn’t be with her.”

Sorrow’s anger disappeared as quickly as it had ignited and he watched the sad expression on the young girl’s face as she studied the holo image.

After a brief moment of reflection, Sorrow moved into action. He had a mission now. Quickly gathering up his things and collecting the holopad, he moved to stand in the now open doorway.

“Sarra, I’m afraid I have to go. I had a lovely time and hope to see you again one day.” I’ll let you live today. He thought. You were kind to Ayylese.

With that he soaked in her innocent smile one last time and closed the door to go meet up with Syn and the Horsemen. Syn… better not tell him about his lapse in good judgment letting Sarra live. He’d be very disappointed.
Oh well…

Onwards. Towards another adventure, another chance to feed his blade.


17-12-2006 19:48:25

The sleek Quantium Transport floated in orbit above Deva, its modified hull reflecting the myriad of stars making it nearly invisible. Illian’s latest toy, ‘liberated’ from a smuggler in Tarii’s spaceport. The man had put up a fair amount of resistance, even going as far as to lock the ship down with personal codes after Illian had cornered him. Once he lost his eyes and fingers he became more co-operative. Now the Dark Jedi sat at the controls, looking out into the black mass for any sign of his comrade. The instruments began to beep, heralding an incoming transmission broadcasting Taldryan authentication codes. Pressing a button, Illian opened his channel.

“Attention unidentified craft, this is Sorrow of the Horsemen. You are in Ektrosian space and will be required to submit all authentication codes and slave keys immediately. Failure to comply will result in immediate destruction.” Illian only smiled, activating the target field on the ship’s two quad lasers and aiming them at the incoming black X-Wing. Waiting a while for the smaller fighter’s computer to register the threat, Illian re-opened the communication channel.

“Bang bang Rosh. My ship is better than yours.”

“Yeah maybe, but mine is a hell of a lot faster. Where’d you get it?”

“A man in Tarii gave it to me. He was so nice Rosh; he even let me take his eyes.” Sorrow laughed across the communicator, before manoeuvring slowly in to dock with the large smuggling craft. Minutes later saw the two Dark Jedi in one of the ship’s lounges, all adorned with black satin. S’aim was wandering the hall outside, after greeting Sorrow energetically. Illian was dressed in a black silk shirt with his hair tied back, and a pair of Kevlar weave pants with combat boots and his usual jagged gauntlets.

“…So that’s the situation as I understand it.” Finished Sorrow, handing Illian the data pad with all the relevant information. “The book is going to be fiercely sought by all the other clans as well. Seems we may have a little decent competition for once my friend.” Illian leaned back in one of the comfy chairs, his booted feet up on the small table in front of him, and regarded Sorrow carefully.

“Bible? I knew a bible once. Dangerous things… So the Horsemen are racing to find scripture. Hmph,” he grunted dismissively. “Let them have the book. It’s the ones who took it I’m interested in.” Sorrow nodded his agreement.

“Yes indeed. Stolen from the grounds at Lyspair itself. It would take a formidable adversary to get past the security at the academy.” Both Jedi were quiet for a moment, each imagining what may lie ahead. The silence was broken by Illian who stood up and headed for the bridge.

“We have a rendezvous to make. Make yourself at home, and meet me on the bridge when you’re ready.” With that he left, making his way to the cockpit and entering in the co-ordinates Al’Meda had just sent through. His nav computer took less than a second to map a route through hyperspace, and then they were off, Sorrow’s X-Wing securely attached to the Transport’s Hull.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

17-12-2006 20:40:15

Crix was half buried in the One Armed Scissor's engine bay, tweaking the ship when his communicator buzzed. Cursing, Crix crawled out of the engine bay and accepted the message. He grinned, he was getting out a lot more lately and he liked it.

He recorded a quick reply to Al'Meda: "The Horsemen have permission to deal with this. Further more, I'll be joining you. It's still your mission but I feel like getting out and having some fun too. I'll meet you on Lyspair."

Crix buttoned up his engines and walked back to his room to clean up and gather his things.

Baron Zarco

23-12-2006 19:51:07

The Zarco’s ship “Black Dart” dropped out of space to the eerie glow, if one could call it that, of the Antei star. The ship’s view of the star was quickly eclipsed by Lyspair. Crix’ “One Armed Scissor” and a ship, unnamed but identified by code, floated in space before the Zarcos.

“Exactly what is this ‘bible’?” Asked Al’Meda Zarco.

“I do not think it matters.” Baron Zarco replied. “We build our careers on all sorts of stuff that means nothing to us.”

“So true,” was the Huntress’ reply as she opened a channel to the two ships. “Greetings, Crix, Sorrow, Illian, please switch to code seven-one-three.”

The Tetrarch switched to the coded channel and heard the whine and sputter of the background noise generated by the strained mathematical acrobatics of the security droid slaved to the program. Once everyone had checked in, the leader of the Horsemen spoke.

“I will assume you have already read the briefing material sent to you earlier. Baron zarco believes, and I tend to agree, that the perpetrator must still be at the Academy. The communications records and flight logs would tend to corroborate that theory. In any event, even if the thief has left the surface, his most likely tracks will be below. Let’s meet on the surface. The coordinates in the materials I sent you give the landing point authorization. Zarco out.”

Sorrow Prototype

08-01-2007 05:03:53

Sorrow stood amongst the halls of the Shadow Academy. The long, dark corridors brought back memories of his days of studies in the hallowed halls.

To think that anyone could just waltz in here and take what they wanted… disgusting.

The other members of the expedition were out looking for clues as to the how and why someone could steal this Bible from these halls. Sorrow had his own sources of information.

He wasn’t long in waiting before he found what he was looking for.

From the shadows of a doorway, a shuffling decrepit, slow faced human came into Sorrow’s view.

“Shoaw. Where have you been? I don’t like to be kept waiting.” The dim witted human gave little reply other than a pitiful whimper. “Well Shaow, you know why I am here don’t you? Tell me what I want to know.”

“I… I’m sorry Mr. Sorrow sir.”

“Don’t be sorry! Just speak! What have you not told the others that you are going to tell me?”

Sorrow had met Shaow when he had been studying at the Academy. A sorry excuse for a human if he had ever seen one. Dim witted and daft, he served no other purpose here other than to clean these hallowed halls and be teased and ridiculed by the students as well as tortured and played with by the Dark Jedi.

When Sorrow had met him however, Sorrow had seen an opportunity. In Shaow was a chance to have the first of many spies. Even within the Brotherhood it was important to know what went on at all times. To Shaow, Sorrow had forgone his normal personality and treated the fool as a friend… no more like a pet. He had been shown kindness from one that would have usually treated him worse than a dog, and from that inkling of kindness Sorrow had gained a loyal spy. A blindly loyal spy, like a dog loyal to it’s master regardless of how it’s master now treated it.

Now that dog shuffled it’s feet, not sure if it was in trouble or not.

“I thought I saw something… around where the Bible was kept. No… Someone. A person, like a ghost. The others… they didn’t see him, so I thought it was a ghost. Then the next day the Bible was gone.”

Sorrow knew what the Shaow did not. A creature that moved like a ghost. That others would not notice if it did not want to be noticed. And Sorrow knew of only one such creature that he had met that had those abilities.


Well not truly Dalthid. Dalthid was only half Stennes shifter. He could not go fully un-noticed like a true shifter could.

“Why did you not tell them of this when they asked you?”

“I was scareded… They would hurt me for letting a ghost steal the book. I don’t like ghosts I don’t want to see it again!”

Stennes shifter’s could go un-noticed easily, even amongst Dark Jedi. But then as they say ‘sometimes the simplest minds see that which others cannot’.

“Thank you Shaow. You have been a great help here.” A smile lighted upon the dim witted face. The dog had pleased it’s master.

“You may go.” As Shaow shuffled away, Sorrow contemplated the potential of this revelation. I must speak to the others… maybe Illian or Al’Meda will know who could possibly have the contacts to employ such a creature as a Stennes Shifter.

As for the dog. It was no longer of use and to be honest, it wasn’t that good of a pet anyway.

Sorrow removed a small remote from a pouch in his belt and keyed in a pin number. He looked up at the departing Shaow as he pressed the enter button.

Shaow gave off a small gasp and fell to the ground.

As he walked past the dead Shaow, Sorrow looked down to see the once blue eyes turned grey and looking off in opposite direction as well as small tendrils of blood seeping from the eyes and the ears.

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08-01-2007 15:38:58

Joshman-Dyas awoke from a vivid dream involving his years as a youth on Kashyyyk and let out a curse when he realized that his communicator was beeping. Glancing at the communicator, he realized that it had already been going off for hours. Crap, he thought as he activated the waiting message. I hope I'm not too late.

As the message played out Joshman grew more and more interested. Why would someone steal a book, especially a Bible? He wasted no time gathering his weapons, his trusty vibroknuckler and Ryyk Kerarrthor, and dashed out the door, recording a reply message to Zarco as he ran toward the starport where he could hijack a ship.

"Sorry I'm late; I slept through the message. I'll rendezvous as soon as I get a decent ship."

The Guardian cursed the distance that he had to run to get to the port. He hated running, and he hadn't even had time to eat breakfast. He would have to jack the ship on an empty stomach. Time for me to get my own ship, he mused. There better be something I like.


09-01-2007 19:32:38

After Illian had dropped Sorrow off to meet his contact he flew the Retribution to a small landing pad a few hundred meters from the main dormitories. It was used mainly by the students, but for Illian's version of interrogation it was ideally located.

Walking briskly towards the student housing, the broken Jedi allowed himself to reminisce of his own time at the Academy of Shadows, laboring under Anshar’s merciless regime till the day he finally became an Apprentice in the service of Taldryan. Of course his stay hadn’t been all bad. The other students had provided him with ample entertainment, especially Nara and Chei and Sandra and… Illian stopped trying to remember what other ‘contacts’ he had. None of them had left with him, so they may still be at the Academy. He smiled as he imagined Sorrow’s face when he told him about this little expedition.

The first stop on his tour was his old room. He remembered Chei, a Zabrak girl with sand coloured skin, had moved in there shortly after he had graduated so it seemed like the most logical place to start. Knocking on the door, he waited, adjusting his gauntlets slightly. After several minutes the door slid open and Chei stood before him, bleary eyed and leaning against the doorframe in a light night-gown. It took seconds for the Zabrak to register her guest before her eyes widened and a huge smile cracked her face.

“Illian! What in the name of the dark lords are you doing here?” She paused, a small frown finding its way to her face. “Illian, it’s been a really hard week and I don’t think I’m really up for…” He cut her off as he strode through the door into the apartment.

“I’m looking for the book Chei. I’m here officially as part of the investigation.” Chei’s frown deepened as her force-senses began to pick up all the abnormalities in her former lover. When she realized how deep the madness went, she walked over to him and laid a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m so very sorry, Illian. You always said you were terrified of it happening again.” He turned to look at her, his eyes glowing as a light laugh broke from his lips.

“Save your sympathy girl, I am beyond caring. Life is so much more…interesting like this.” His mad laugh sounded again as a black gauntlet shot out to the Zabrak’s neck, bringing her to her knees. “Now, let’s have a little chat shall we?”

* * *

Several hours later Illian emerged, dropping what was left of the cloth he had used to clean his gauntlets to the ground, and proceeding to where Sorrow had said his rendezvous was to be held. The corridors were pitch-black but he could sense his old friend up ahead, leaning against one of the pillars. As way of greeting, Sorrow reached out with the force, his blue force mark glowing briefly. Illian smiled and did the same, his green eyes flashing in return.

“Did your little pet turn up anything useful Rosh?” The other smiled knowingly.

“Oh this and that, this and that. Turns out our culprit is a stennes shifter.” Illian nodded thoughtfully. “I was just on my way to ask you or Al’Meda of anyone who would have the contacts and funding to hire one to steal from the Academy of all places.” Rosh matched Illian’s pace as they began to walk back to the Retribution. “What about you Syn? Find out anything useful?” Illian nodded, absently reaching into his robes and pulling out a small package which he threw to his companion.

“Yes actually. Turns out the students aren’t as resilient these days. I only got to ask a couple of questions before she died,” he stated sadly as Sorrow opened the packet to reveal Chei’s eyes.

“Why in the Universe did you torture a student… wait never mind,” he said receiving a look of complete bafflement from his friend. “So what did you learn?”

“Three nights before the theft a ship landed at the student pad, where the Retribution is currently docked. Four men got out dressed in Krath robes, waited for a while then got back into their ship and left. No one thought anything of it since they all appeared to be dark Jedi.” Now it was Sorrow’s turn to nod thoughtfully.

“We need to get back to Al’Meda with this information. I have a feeling we are going to need high security clearance on this one.” Illian smiled, flexing his gauntlets lovingly.

“And if we can’t get it…. Well, you and I can be so resourceful when we want to be.” Both Jedi laughed as they boarded Illian’s ship, taking off and proceeding to Al’Meda’s location.

Sorrow Prototype

13-01-2007 19:56:30

The Retribution settled to another pad near the actual school and away from the halls of the library and students. The Shadow Academy spanned almost the distance of a large town with all of its training halls, libraries, dorms for servants, students and teachers.

In the days when he had studied there he had had to walk that distance but now he had the luxury of a ship to span the distance. Now all he had to do was find Al’Meda.

A Stennes shifter was a dangerous thing to have inside the Shadow Academy and it was a threat if you didn’t know it was there. Sorrow connected with the force strongly enough to increase his senses but not enough to ignite the force mark on his face.

Winding through the halls of this part of the Shadow Academy did bring back old memories but they were stale memories that weren’t worth remembering now that he had moved on from this place. Illian’s presence was a comfort as he walked beside him. Somehow he understood the insane Jedi Hunter and he got the feeling that even in his psychosis, the Jedi Hunter understood him.

It wasn’t long before something Sorrow believed to be a possibility became a reality. A thin wisp of a presence presented itself to the young Guardian. The presence moved eerily amongst the hallways and passages of the Shadow Academy, there but not quite there.

Stiennes shifter.

Illian. Sorrow reached out with his mind to alert his companion.

What am I a Novice Rosh? I knew to look for it too.

I didn’t think the thing would be fool enough to remain here though. Not after the job was finnished.

Illian’s eyes began to glow an iridescent green as his hooded form fell back and disappeared into one of the adjoining passageways. He must have been left to cover the trail and stop us from following the people who have the book.

Instead we’ll capture him and he can lead us straight to them. Sorrow left the statement floating in the ether between the two Dark Jedi for as long as he felt patient enough to do. Illian? Illian, we are going to capture him.

All Sorrow received in response was a non-committal shrug through the force from his friend the Jedi Hunter. Sorrow sighed in recognition of the silent ‘we’ll see’ and then reached his mind out to Al’Meda.

Tetrarch. The shifter is still here. Obviously left behind to clear up loose ends. You should make your way down to section B. Illian and I are going to capture him.

Illian! The Tetrarch sounded shocked at the idea that Illian would ever try to capture anyone.

I understand. Sorrow could understand her feelings but he knew Illian better than anyone and if he had to he would… take control of the situation. It’ll be ok. Just get down here as fast as you can!


14-01-2007 23:39:30

As the last echoes of Sorrow’s urgent message faded from Illian’s mind he allowed himself a brief smile. He loved Rosh like a brother, but sometimes he was so fussy. Of course he wasn’t going to kill the shifter. It wasn’t like it needed its arms or legs to stay alive, especially when there was a Dark Jedi present to keep him… talkative.

The shadows seemed to wrap around Illian like a protective cloak, rendering the robed Hunter almost invisible as he slunk towards the detected life force of the Academy intruder. Shifters were known to be force sensitive, this being the primary source of their doppelganger abilities, but they were also known as force thieves capable of taking the life-force of living creatures and using it to fuel their powers. For this one to have made it past all Academy security meant that he was dangerous indeed. He could feel his friend not far away, approaching their prey from another angle. On cue, Sorrow’s force signature disappeared completely from Illian’s senses, signaling the attack. In response, the Mad Hunter began to power up, using his control over the force to bypass his gauntlets, allowing small bursts of dark energy to shoot through his body. There was a small amount of pain, but nothing compared to the ecstasy of true power he felt when he became a conduit to the rawest currents of the dark side of the force. Now it was just a matter of who reached the Shifter first, Illian’s massive signature theoretically drawing the thief to him, giving Sorrow the advantage of surprise.

“Come my pretty little thing, come to Illian and be freed…” Came the power-infused whisper, as the human continued his prowl, body locked into the Forraderi ready stance of Teras D’ni. The issue was although the power siphoned through his gauntlets empowered him far beyond his normal abilities, it also had a dampening effect on his sense in the force, meaning he would have to rely purely on his normal senses to spot the shifter. His eyes flared like neon fires as he strained to see through the darkness and hear through the silence of the academy halls. Then he saw it; moving quickly, a small shadow ahead, darting across the passageway he was currently in. Illian’s Tenloss DX-2 was in his hands in an instant and several shots echoed down the hallway filling the air with the stink of disrupted molecules. When the smoke cleared there was nothing but silence, no movement from either hunter or hunted. In a second the standoff was broken as several blaster shots came from somewhere out in the shadows ahead making Illian break for the cover of an archway a meter or so ahead.

*What the hell is going on Syn? I can hear blasts…*

*@#!*&!! Shifter is here and so should you. If you and your precious Tetrarch want this wretch alive you best hurry… I’m starting to get irritated!*

Receiving no response from his friend, he decided Rosh must have got the message. Several more shots impacted on the stone next to Illian’s head, showering mortar on the now highly irate Hunter. Peeking around the corner he waited till the very last possible second to move his head back to cover as several more blasts came at him. Confident of the rough location of his adversary he waited for the next salvo of blasts before flying out of his cover, cloak trailing wildly behind him, and firing of three shots at the darkness ahead but missing his target. In response five more shots came out at the charging Obelisk hitting him in the arm and the side, forcing a howl of mad pain to erupt from his throat. It didn’t matter; he knew where his target was. Although he had hit nothing, his shots had illuminated the area in front of him allowing his force-enhanced vision to spot his foe. All too late the Shifter realized his mistake as the full force of Illian’s psychosis hit him like a whirl wind. Blasters were cast aside for savage gauntlets and desperate fists as the two locked in combat. Sorrow arrived just in time to see the first of the shifter’s arms fly out of the fray, separated from its owner and leaving a trail of blood. It was followed swiftly by the other as Rosh raised his hand, the force-mark on his face glowing brightly as he pushed out towards his friend. Illian flew off his victim and into the wall behind driven by an invisible force. His eyes were burning intently, his mouth open in a snarl as he struggled, Sorrow’s impassive face giving him only inevitability to rage at. Soon the rage began to subside, his eyes returning to a calmer moss-green and his old friend released him.

“Nice work Illian. If he’s still alive, he will be ripe for interrogation.” The statement was a mild chastening as even though Illian was above him in rank, he was the only one who could command control from the psychotic Hunter. Illian only smiled winningly and pointed at the thief, who was now emitting groans of agony as blood spurted from his empty shoulder sockets. Rosh smiled back as the two bent over the shifter, channeling the force into stopping the bleeding and keeping the hapless alien alive.

“Time to get to know him Rosh. Let’s get him back to the Retribution, let Al’Meda and Joshman know where we are, and find out where his employers are taking that book.” Here the Hunter stopped and turned to his victim. “Then my little friend, you and I get to spend some quality time together.”

In a matter of minutes they were off again, the Retribution settling into an Orbit over Lyspair as the rest of the team made their way to Rendezvous with Illian’s ship.

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Sorrow Prototype

17-01-2007 15:32:53

Aboard the Retribution Sorrow sat in the Cock pit and played casually with the communications controls. The grotesque screams that echoed up from the common area in the back of the ship seemed to have no effect on him as he sat there calmly trying to plan the next step in retrieving this Bible. It wasn’t till after several minutes that the communications began beeping alerting him to an incoming coded communication. Casually flicking a switch he was greeting with the welcoming image of his Tetrarch, Al’Meda Zarco.

“Sorrow. Some complications have arisen down here on the planet. I will need to remain behind to deal with them. You and Illian have permission to follow any leads and do whatever is necessary to retrieve the Bible. Joshman may be joining you at some point as may I. Good luck.” The image disappeared almost as quickly as it had arisen and with it any chance to ask questions.

Sorrow’s ponderings over the briefness of the communiqué were soon brought up short by a long gurgling scream followed by Illian stepping into the cockpit of the Retribution.

“Hmm. Less resilient that I was hoping.” Illian seemed disappointed at the hasty failure of the Stennes shifter’s body. “Oh well he is free now and that’s all that matters.”

“So my friend where are we going?” Sorrow asked casually as the Jedi Hunter sat down and started punching in coordinates.

Illian face turned slowly towards Sorrow and Sorrow was surprised by the big grin on the Hunter’s face. “Oh, you’re gonna love this Rosh!! But shhhh. It’s a surprise.”

Sorrow looked at his companion blankly as Illian continued punching buttons on the consul. The Hunter’s voice twisted into a distorted version of an old song. “Memories. Like the ones I used to know. Oh those golden memories…..”

The Retribution jumped into hyperspace, taking a corpse, two dark Jedi and eerily sung jumbled song with it.

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17-01-2007 23:48:46

As the Retribution sped through hyperspace, Illian pondered the information he had eventually gleaned from the Shifter. It was easy to get a captive talking, more so when they are trained to “break” just at the right time to make their dramatically delivered confidences seem authentic. The hard part was getting them to tell the truth. After sorting through all the pre-conditioned nonsense about independent factions looking to expand into Brotherhood space, Illian had finally got the shifter to scream one name over and over before his life dissipated under the relentless assault of Illian’s nerve torture (after losing both his legs and eyes of course); Myrkyr. The Hunter new the planet from a long time ago which was an unusual occurrence as Illian rarely remembered anything from his life before the Brotherhood. It would be hard however for anyone to forget that job. His glee at the thought of their destination only increased as he look sideways at his companion, who still wore a slightly confused look on his face.

“Oh wait Rosh, wait and see! You will be so happy, so happy!” Rosh sighed resignedly as he played with his holopad, realizing he was going to get nowhere with his mad friend until they reached their mysterious destination. As it happened he didn’t have to wait long, as the white tunnel in the Retribution’s viewport resolved itself into a myriad of stars scattered around a large planet.

“Illian enough is enough,” Sorrow began sternly, tired of the joke. “Where the hell are we?” Green eyes blazed dangerously for a second before they turned their gaze on the Guardian.

“Myrkyr” was all Illian said as he unbuckled himself and left the cockpit to prepare for their landing. Rosh was left in shock as Illian’s mad ramblings finally made sense.

“The robbery. Why in the name of the Dark Lords are we re-visiting the robbery?” he whispered to the empty space beside him, before he too got up and proceeded to the makeshift armory he and Syn had rigged back on Lyspair. All their equipment and anything else left of the ship from its previous owner were placed in the smuggling compartment at the rear, a room-sized storage area with a cleverly hidden entrance. Illian was already attaching the latest addition to his armaments, two extenders for his gauntlets that brought them all the way up to his elbows and ended in cruel points, and had strange sheathes on the underside. “What are the sheathes for Syn?” Sorrow asked quizzically. Illian looked up with a small smile.

“Lightsabers. They said I was allowed to build one.” Rosh nodded and proceeded to begin his own preparation for landfall. Illian was finished by this stage, holstering his DX-2 and slinging his Nightsinger (lovingly called Silence by the Hunter) across his shoulder. Once he was done he stopped and looked thoughtfully at Sorrow for a moment. Sorrow returned the gaze for an instant before getting back to stuffing a back full of all types of grenades. Both Dark Jedi were thinking of that same fateful day so many years ago, when they had attempted the robbery of one of the local merchants, only to find out the hard way the special properties of the local beast-pets. Vornskrs were force sensitive hunters, able to track a Jedi from a mile away. The security forces had been on them both in minutes leading to a massive fire-fight. During the battle they were separated, and hadn’t seen each other till a recent reunion in clan Taldryan. If it was a Krath splinter group they were after, as it appeared it was, then this was indeed an odd location for them to hide.

They landed in Hyllyard Spaceport and disembarked, armed to the teeth, but lowering their force signatures to a point where they just looked like your average space-scum (even if one was wearing slightly too fine dress for such a profession). Even so, any Vornskr within a few meters would smell them so both were approaching the situation with unusual caution.

“Do you remember the bar?” Sorrow asked quietly. Illian nodded without turning.

“Oh yes. I remember. Maybe we can ask them some… questions.” Sorrow smiled grimly.

“Yes we can. There’s a few I’d like to ask from the last time we were here as well. That merchant didn’t usually keep Vornskrs. Perhaps we will learn more here than just the location of the bible.” Both Jedi set off towards the Crouching ysalamiri Inn and the next stage of their mission.

Sorrow Prototype

19-01-2007 19:18:08

Sorrow sauntered over to the bar, the hood of his jacket pulled up over his head to hide his presence, for Illian's part he did his best to draw as little attention as he usually would. Well walking through the bar he only hissed at a few of the patrons.

Sorrow sat down as the bar tender came over, her eyes locked desperately on Illian, she didn't pay any attention to Sorrow. Instead it looked more like she was planning possible escape routes.

"What can I get you love?" Her voice had a slight stammer easily recognised as fear but otherwise was a light fluid calm voice very reminisent of her bird like species.

Sorrow didn't answer her. He merely beckoned her closer. She leant down towards him, eyes still locked on the pervasive Illian. Sorrow quickly reached forward and gripped her long hair that was laced with feathers and pulled her close. With his other hand he drew back his hood.

"Hello Angel. Remember me?"

"Rosh my love! I... I thought you were dead?" Her voice just wasn't convincing enough to hide the surprise and fear.

"Don't you mean we should be dead?" Illian now stood over Sorrow's shoulder. "The way you had had it planned?"


22-01-2007 18:32:21

“No, no! It wasn’t like that I swear!” The pitiful Omwati stammered as Sorrow tightened his grip on her hair.

“No? What was it like then? It was the perfect job Angel, and you would have received a cut, but you had to inform the authorities. You know I have half a mind to give you to Illian. He’d get the truth from you soon enough.” At the mention of his name, Illian reached one gauntleted hand forward, and stroked Angel’s cheek gently.

“I am very persuasive you know. And you have such pretty, pretty eyes.” One spiked thumb hovered just above her eyes as his mouth opened slightly in anticipation.

“Enough Syn, give her a minute to register all this,” Sorrow said as he swatted Illian’s hand away. The Hunter glared at his friend before returning to his post, hovering behind Rosh. “Now, let’s get down to business. It was you that informed the authorities and brought those damned Vornskrs down on us, but we forgive you for that.”

“We do?” was Illian’s shocked reply as he stared at Sorrow.

“Yes Illian we do. Because Angel here is going to do what we can’t: she’s going to find out where that Shifter came from while we stay in the comfort of our Ship…”

“MY ship Rosh.”

“Yes of course, your ship. Sorry, Il. Now listen very carefully Angel, I’m going to give you your first Brotherhood mission…” Pulling her closer, he told her about the Shifter and the information he divulged about this planet. She nodded, still terrified, but with the knowledge that she may live through this if she became useful.

Illian toyed with his DX-2, resigned to the fact that he wasn’t going to get to kill her yet. Staring moodily out of the bar he suddenly noticed something. A patch of shadow that seemed a little more intense than the rest, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t focus on it. It was like an irritation on his eyes, something he couldn’t quite see but was definitely there. Sorrow had just released Angel and she had gone sprinting away as fast as her avian legs could carry her. Tapping him on the shoulder Illian spoke quickly and quietly.

“We are being watched again, this time it looks like it’s a Defel. Act normal, I’m going on a little hunt.” Illian pulled his hood up, making a point of asking where the rest facilities were. He disappeared in the direction the new bartender pointed, as Sorrow looked casually into his drink. Minutes later he heard the sounds of a disturbance, leaping up and racing outside to assist his friend. Instead he found Illian leaning against the wall with a gash across his forehead. “Fast little bastards. This one is going to suffer when I catch it. Go, it headed for the secondary landing port; I’ll get the Retribution prepped. No mercy Rosh!”

“No mercy Syn.” With that the two Dark Jedi took off in persuit of the latest clue in their Journey.


30-01-2007 22:47:02

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