Run-on Rules and Guidelines


14-12-2006 13:30:35


1. Do not kill another member’s character without express permission from that person.
2. You may only post in your run-on. Do not post in anyone else’s run-on. You must have signed up in order to participate.
3. Try to make your posts at least a page in MS Word, but preferably longer. If your team is 5-8 people, then you must make at least 5 posts to count towards participation. If your team is 9-12 people, you must make at least 4 posts to count towards participation. These are minimums: you should post more.
4. It is highly recommended that you call posts. That is, if you want to add something, put up a post that says “Next post” or something along those lines. When you’re ready to post, go back and edit the post. However, don’t wait very long to post. If anyone takes more than 3 hours to get a post up, other members of the team may post their parts. This means your post may no longer be applicable. Avoid stacking “called posts.” Only one called post at a time.
5. If you need more information on something SA related, e-mail Anshar and he will post into the run-on with a “communication” post- that is, we’d be talking via the holonet or telepathy.
6. Each run-on will be unique in many regards, so there will not be a lot of plot direction from the Headmaster. This is done as an experiment and to give you plenty of freedom. ALL run-ons are independent from one another
7. The run-on should end with a satisfactory conclusion. By this, I mean your mission must end and the story wrapped up. How it ends is up to you: success, failure, or somewhere in between: all are acceptable responses.
8. For reference, all SA ships have non-Force using staff/crew (and droids). While most of the vessels will be available for your team to use (in fact, I encourage their use; just don’t destroy them), you wouldn’t actually take direct command of the vessel. The ship’s captain would retain that role.
9. You’ll have 4-6 weeks to finish the run-ons before judging begins. If you’re group finishes early, that’s fine. If it needs more time, that may be discussed at a later date.

Judging will be anonymous. Those few people who are both judging and participating will be judging a run-on other than the one they are participating in.


14-12-2006 13:33:58

This post is just a few things to consider/keep in mind to help you get started with the run-ons:

1. Just what is this "bible?" What does it contain and why would someone else want it?
2. Be inventive with who stole it- it can be the Jedi, the Republic, the Imperial Remnant, a random group of hitherto unknown enemies, etc. Also, you are not limited to Brotherhood space in your search. The galaxy is wide open.
3. Remember, you will likely be working with people from outside your clan (see rules for battleteam exception). This is both a great opportunity to work with them and get to know them, but you can also use any tensions between the clans as friction points for your story. Yes, these run-ons are being done to introduce you to new people, and to get your working with them.
4. As you likely won't be with people in your clans, how does your group organize? Is there a dominant person, or is it more of a free for all? Either way, everyone in the group can contribute and please don't go making yourself the sole hero of the story.
5. Success of the overall run-on will depend more upon your ability to write an effective story based off the previous post(s). You are encouraged to coordinate certain events with one another (if someone has an idea of where to take the story, it might be a good idea to talk about it first, or at least e-mail the others in your group to give them a head’s up of what you’re thinking).
6. ***Finally, this run-on event does not have a set story line being guided by anyone. It is what you and your group make of it. This is an experiment as well as a competition.***

Also, you may make use of the SA's ships (except the Mnemosyne and her fighters). In fact, I encourage you to use them. Refer to the Shadow Academy Datapad in the Dark Vault.


14-12-2006 13:54:58

A final note. Yes, the story line is a bit traditional for the Brotherhood. But, the big thing is to see where you take it, not where I got it from :P

Enjoy, and please contact me with any questions or comments.


15-12-2006 20:16:11

One more thing that was just brought to my attention.

If you need to, someone on your team can make a post for you. By that I mean, if you have something written, but can't post it yourself (due to time, problems with the MBs, etc), get someone from your team to post it for you.

All they need to do is put this at the top of the post: "Posted on behalf of _____" (fill in their name).